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Dr. Ara Suppiah - Functional Sports Medicine and ER physician. Chief medical analyst for NBC Sports.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Dr. Ara Suppiah - Functional Sports Medicine and ER physician. Chief medical analyst for NBC Sports.

Episode 43: Dr. Ara Suppiah - Functional Sports Medicine and ER physician. Chief medical analyst for NBC Sports.

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett chats with Functional Sports medicine physician, Dr Ara Suppiah.

Dr. Suppiah is a certified ER physician, trained cardiac surgeon, Sports Medicine physician, Functional medicine, and Chinese medicine physician. He works with some of the world's greatest professional athletes.

His journey from a small Malaysian town a few hours out of Kuala Lumpur to Liverpool University and to where he is now is truly inspiring.

Dr. Suppiah describes his thoughts on nutrition and the importance of looking at the individual and starting with their ancestral genetics. He describes the importance of finding the right diet specific to you and supplementing that diet with the right supplements specific to that individual. Greg and Dr. Suppiah discuss glutathione, Creatine, Vitamin D, CBD, Melatonin, and other supplements.

Greg and Dr. Suppiah discuss sleep and jetlag. Sleep being the one free ultimate medicine. They discuss Hot and cold therapies. Dr. Suppiah describes cold therapy as the ultimate for health benefits.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.30 - Sponsors

6.05 - Start to show – Introduction

6.45 - General chit-chat

7.10 - Winding the clock back - Dr. Ara Suppiah's story - Small town in Malaysia - Grew up with sports - "it wasn't sports, it was just life" - Ara was a good student - he got the grades to study a medical degree at Liverpool University but had no money - He thought about turning a professional tennis player - the university offered Ara a scholarship - his coach told him not to play tennis professionally as he was too short - Ara went to the UK to study and struggled, he had no money, no friends and the weather was tough - "I thought I was going to leave" - at the end of one year Ara found a book in the book store called The Power of Positive Thinking written by Norman Vincent Peale - Ara realized he could simply control what he can control - "stop the complaining and bitching and control my mind and what is around me" - "There is no reason someone around me should outwork me" - "When you change one thing, and you look at the world through a different lense, everthing kind of works it self out" - "It really came down to a mind shift and developing a workethic that couldn't be stopped" - trained as a cardiac surgeon but didn't like it - but then he fell in love with the ER, he loved the problem solving and the changes. Ara retrained in emergency medicine. An ankle sprain in the ER changed Ara's mindset - Ara looked up a practice of medicine called Sports Medicine. Ara went and studied Sports medicine and during that time he found golf - He started going to PGA tournaments and starting working with players - The top 3 questions from the players - why am I tired, why allergies are bothering me, and how do I help jetlag? - Adrenal fatigue - before functional medicine was a thing - Ara found Functional Medicine - Chinese medicine - Supporting adrenal fatigue - Chinese medicine has survived 5000 years, aspirin is only 100 years old - Medical school the emphasis is pathology and pharmacology - Ara kept himself open to many ideas - Oracle chief medical officer - still works in ER 5 days a week - When to use what type of medicine

36.00 - Nutrition - Ara describes how you can hurt and help athletes with making to many changes - "Nutrition is fuel" - Ancestral health and genetics have a huge impact on our diet - "The basis of the nutrition for an athlete has an ancestral background" - "I ask a lot of ancestral questions for each athlete" -

41.50 - Anti-oxidants - understanding when to support the body, when do you allow suffering happen for the long term benefits - tweaking for the individual is key

44.00 - Support Immunity - Vit D, Fish oils, sleep is key

46.00 - Genetic testing - starting with generalized blood work - Vitamin D - Dr. Mansoor Mohamed - Digestive enzymes - estrogen - detoxification - "Five areas - I look at energy pathways, hormones, detoxification, gut for immunity, and neurotransmitters for pain and brain" - thoughts on MCT oil in coffee

50.17 - Glutathione - High-performance endurance athletes have an anti-oxidant capacity that is higher - redox potential - "If you had increased your volume significantly and you've done it for a period of time and you've plateaued then at that point supplementing with glutathione is a great idea" - Measuring redox potential - monitor HRV (Heart rate variable) and resting heart rate

56.30 - Supplements - "You cannot run low on all the minerals - selenium, manganese - you don't know where to get them from so eating a balanced diet should be very good" - "Every athlete should be on a multi-mineral or multivitamin" -Dr. Suppiah recommends swapping through all these brands every 3-4 months doTerra - pure encapsulation - clean athlete - Omega 3, Vitamin D, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium

59.30 - Creatine - for brain health - 1 gram twice a day - The effects of creatine

1.02.30 - CBD- the effects on the brain

1.04.00 - Sleep travel jetlag - Dr Ara prescribes Valium - Four Sigmatic mushrooms - Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Maine, Charga - Travelling have the mushrooms with you. Check vitamin D levels before travel - "Sleep is free medicine, its the ultimate anti-inflammatory" - "An average sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, you try to get 5 sleep cycles" - "Deep sleep is essential for vitality, immune support, aging well, prepare, recovery for physical and mental" - "Having a small number of carbs before bed helps you sleep better" - Melatonin - "I like products that will help me fuse a few things together" - "What is the length of your average sleep cycle?" - Looking at weeks not one night of sleep

1.12.40 - Mindfulness - Create a bigger gap between a thought and a reaction - Box breathing 5-sec breath, hold 5, out for 5, then hold out for 5, repeat 5 times - You affect the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), most of us are in the sympathetic nervous (Fight or flight)

1.17.20 - Sauna (Hot) and Cold treatment - Hot treatment - heavy metals and mitochondria (they've been doing this for a long time)- Cold treatment - Full immersion cold is an unbelievable free medicine - 7-8 minutes - joints, skin health, brain everything is better - Box breath with immersion - "If you don't do cold treatment, you're giving up a huge edge" - "I do sauna after a workout, I do cold at the end of the day"

1.24.00 - Looking after self during this Covid time - Dr. Ara explains how he's looking after his own health Three things - 1. "I will not compromise on my sleep" - 2. "I run 1 mile a day, every day" - 3. "My heaviest meal is at lunchtime" - Golden Milk (Coconut milk, Tumeric, honey) - photoserin for adrenals, tian chi (first thing in the morning) - adaptogens (help you adapt) - I use melatonin or CBD to help wind down - "I get outside as much as I can.

1.31.45 - Childhood obesity - Dr. Ara Suppiah's big goal - Education and support

1.35.45 - Conclusion - Dr. Ara Suppiah's book - Lose-Weight-Feel-Great-Forever


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