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Patrick Lange - 2 x IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION sub 8 hour finish in Kona & Challenge Roth

Patrick Lange - 2 x IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION sub 8 hour finish in Kona & Challenge Roth

Episode 142: Patrick Lange - 2 x IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION sub 8 hour finish in Kona & Challenge Roth

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"The Greg Bennett Show"

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by one of the greatest Ironman Triathletes the world has ever seen, Patrick Lange. A two-time Kona Ironman World Champion and the first man ever to break the elusive 8 hours on the Big Island with a time of 7:52:39.

Patrick's weapon is the marathon. Consistently going under 2:40 off the bike and holds the fastest marathon time in Kona of 2:39:45. Add to that his wins at Challenge Roth, IM Texas and IM Tulsa and the list goes on, and you can see why I rate him as one of the greatest ever.

I have been wanting this man on the show for several years. Not only because of his athletic achievements and prowess but because he is one of the best men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I wanted this opportunity to share his story and his journey.


2:53 - Interview starts

7:16 - From a shoulder injury from a nasty crash, to a second bout of COVID, it's been a challenging year to prepare for Kona 2022.

... really not the way I wish my training camps to an end.

14:42 - On the 23rd of February (he's wife Julia's birthday) Patrick crashed badly while training in Spain with a pro buddy, and faced an extended spell on the sidelines. He talks through the accident and his recovery and how he conveyed his vision to race again with his doctors.

19:12 - Patrick's 2019 swim in Kona was spectacular, and he talks with Greg about the training and strategy he put into play.

23:15 - Patrick and Greg discuss he's win at Challenge Roth and how he fell in love with the race.

28:18 - Patrick is now the sub 2:40 marathon specialst, and he explains how he wworked hard behind the scenes to deliberatly achieve the results he has become known for.

30:32 - Leaving a coach can be a massive decision. Greg and Patrick discuss how Patrick has gone about changing his coaches throughout his pro career.

34:58 - Greg rewinds the clock with Patrick and they discuss his childhood, his early inspirations, through to his current pro career and personal life.

my endurance passion was awake from that time

36:32 - One of Patrick's early desires was to become a Formula 1 driver. Ironically, many Formula 1 drivers are into Triathlon.

39:42 - Patrick describes how his early passions lead him to triathlon, through mountain bike racing, to go-carting, to learning the history of triathlon.

47:47 - Patrick's Kona journey ... in detail. The record for the fastest marathon in Kona and how he feels around the pressure of racing Kona.

  • 2016 3rd at Kona ... Germans 1,2,3, Marathon record 2.39.45

  • 2017 Kona win 8.01.40 record, over taking Lionel Sanders in the final 5k ... Marathon 2.39.59

  • 2018 Kona win 7.52.39, 1st time under 8, then proposed to his fiance (now wife) Julia at the finish line.

59:04 - The proposal - A very special moment.

1:01:14 - Patrick describes the highs and lows of his career to date. He talks openly about his mother's cancer battle and the last words she left him with, and how those words fuelled his determination and 'why' to win.

1:06:12 - Patrick's opinion on this year's Kona and how he loves to 'fly under the radar'. The Quiet Assasin.

1:10:27 - The year ahead doesnt exist as Patrick describes how he and his team are completely focused on Kona 2022.

1:12:57 - Conclusion


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