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Bennett Endurance Pro Squad Coaching with Greg and Laura Bennett

Looking to maximize your Professional Triathlon career! Join our Pro Squad!

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Bennett Endurance is an all encompassing, high performance coaching program.
We strive to make each of our squad athletes reach their ultimate potential.

What to expect from Greg, Laura and the Bennett Endurance Pro Squad: 

  • Career Planning – Short-term, Intermediate and Long-term
  • Coaching programs specific to the individual with the motivation of a squad environment
  • Nutrition advice (program/routine) to help with performance and recovery
  • Technique coaching to gain efficiency in all areas of the sport
  • Presence of at least one of us for coaching at most key workout sessions
  • At least one of us at all major events
  • Training bases in Noosa, Australia; Boulder, Colorado and Europe 
  • Fee based assistance with marketing/management of athlete sponsorships plus appearance fees and starts, as needed