Hi, we’re Greg and Laura Bennett, former Professional Olympic Athletes who dedicated our lives to high performance. Now we’ve distilled everything we’ve learned into helping you with our high-performance consulting and speaking service.

We’re incredibly passionate and purpose driven and want to squeeze everything we can out of life. We believe life is about experiences. We used the sport of Triathlon to experience life.

Bennett Endurance High Performance consulting is a consulting service founded on two of the greatest individual endurance athletes on the planet. It is not just the individual success of these two athletes that is special, but rather the success as a married couple in one of the most demanding sports in the world.

Both Greg and Laura Bennett worked on the course as individual triathletes (swim, bike and run) and off the course as a team for over a two decades. Their performances at Olympics Games, Goodwill Games, World Championships and the world’s largest professional prize purse events are unsurpassed. Their accomplishments are a result of their dedication not only to their sport but also to the support of each other on and off the course.

They understood that hard work will only take you so far, they understood they needed to surround themselves with a team of supportive experts. They focused on their sleep and recovery, nutrition and physiology. They focused on their General Health working with functional medicine doctors and removing toxins from their home. They studied the greatest coaches and endurance athletes in history and incorporated that knowledge into their own training programs. They trained their minds to visualize and own success long before it was physically possible. They did all of this with absolute intent.



We take what we have learnt from reaching and sustaining the highest highs in professional sport for five combined decades and share it all with you.

High-Performance Consulting in Colorado, USA


With a combined 50 years of racing as professional athletes, 30 years as coaches and 30 years as athlete managers, Bennett Endurance have the knowledge, experience and professionalism for intimate one-to-one, small group consultations and mastermind groups. Helping you thrive and to live your high-performance life. Find out more >


Greg chats with the greatest athletes and high performers on the planet. Diving deep into what makes a champion tick, what it takes to become a champion and how do they sustain it. Find Out More >

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Universities, Schools, Corporations and Federations about learning how to win and how to optimize your performances. We share stories of our own lessons learnt (sometimes brutally) and we share our success’s and what it took to achieve them. We give you the tools to take action in your own life. Find out more >

High-Performance Consulting in Colorado, USA


We work with the best products and brands, so you know who and what products to trust and use for your ultimate performance. We’ve worked with a multitude of brands over thirty years in endurance sport. Find out more >


We were fortunate enough to achieve great success in sport. We learnt life’s lessons through sport. Our passion now is to help you and others like you truly reach your potential and optimize this life.


Our passion for the sport of triathlon and our passion to self-explore our own limitations has now manifest into wanting to help others find and live their passion.


We experienced incredible highs and disastrous lows. We experienced how to manage these highs and lows. We have experienced it first-hand.


With a combined 50+ years experience as professional athletes and 30+ years as professional athlete coaches we learnt a thing or two along the way. 


We coached ourselves from reasonable athletes to multiple Olympics, world and national titles, the world largest prize purse events while putting our family and relationship first. It can be done!


We have lived our lives with intent. Intention is the difference between good and great, seizing all opportunities and possibilities. We can help you create a life of intent!


In a world of social media it's hard to see who is real and who is a scam. With BE, you get uS, our scoreboard of the past 30 years and two people who simply want to get everything they can out of life.



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Co-Founder & Vice President



See how we help high performers like you.

Bennett Endurance is a high-performance consulting business for athletes of all age and abilities and non-athletes wanting to optimize their performances, health, wellbeing and longevity.

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