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Over the years Bennett Endurance have worked with incredible clients from Olympic Gold medalists, amateur athletes, National sporting Federations, Professional athletes, CEO’s and Managing Directors and everyone else in between. Here are a handful of reviews from some amazing high performers. We’d love to hear from you. If you have worked with Bennett Endurance, we’d love your feedback.

Greg and Laura are the living, breathing embodiment of what it means to make a true profession as an athlete. Experienced, hard-working, client-focused and personable, they have been wonderful consultants for our company's corporate and athletic clientele over the past couple of years.

Luke Bennett – Hintsa - Managing Director (Sports)

The term game changer, or difference maker, comes to mind when I reflect on the impact Greg and Laura Bennett have on my life, there’s before I knew them, when considerations such as my capacity to train, to recover, to focus, to compete where being held to a standard based on having not seen the dedication, the attention to detail, the relentless pursuit, the head down get the work done attitude they brought each and every day. It was as if being exposed to a circuit breaker, a disrupter, a catalyst, a mentor, a friend, a leader by example, getting the work done, dedicated to Mastery. Greg and Laura taught me to be comfortable in my fiercely competitive nature, to maintain perspective, as to just how fortunate we are to be preoccupied expressing our gifts, to be a humble student in the pursuit of ones undertakings and lean in and then lean more, to the task at hand, leave stone unturned, sleeves rolled up, pounding the rock, one swing at a time, in the pursuit of excellence, and the expression, of hard work, and attention to details.

Simon Whitfield, Canadian, Professional athlete – Olympic Gold (2000) and Silver medalist (2008)

Greg and Laura Bennet have a lifelong passion and commitment to the sport of triathlon. They provided fantastic insights for the next generation of coaches into their experiences as both world class triathletes and now coaches. The skill of understanding your athletes and tailoring coaching to the individual athlete was a strong theme that resonated with our coaches.

Graeme Hill ESSAM AES AEP – Triathlon Australia - National Manager, Coaching Pathways

The thing that stands out most about Greg is his genuine passion for triathlon. It is evident that he loves the sport. He showed up ready to work and had a smile on his face the whole day. He came prepared and full of positive energy. He not only has a wealth of knowledge but knows everyone in the triathlon world to tap into for first-hand information.

Joel Felicio – USA - Coordinating Producer, NBC Sports

It’s really a pleasant brand cooperation with you on Heart Health &Cloud Health Initiative in 2017! We admire your professional spirit, your passion and dedication in the process and more so we’re impressed with your grit and resilience which we believe is exactly what accompanied you in achieving one victory after another! There are so many wonderful qualities from you that inspire us to be better and it would be great to work with you once again in the future.

Chai Hui - China - General Manager, Beijing Zicheng Technology Co., Ltd - Project leader of Heart Health, Cloud Health Initiative

Greg and Laura Bennett have been extremely helpful with my continued focus on improving my physical fitness and athletic performance. They greatly assisted me by identifying my personal motivations and giving me clarity of purpose with my endurance goals. Their guidance included invaluable insight on my training schedule, diet and lifestyle. They were always a great source of both cheer and encouragement. Their vast network of therapists, athletes and medical professionals was a huge time saver and quite beneficial in allowing me to recruit the ideal teammates and professionals to enhance my performance. Suffice to say, if you are looking for someone who has athletically performed and succeeded at the highest levels, this is the ideal team to work with.

Tom Keegan, USA, Amateur Athlete

The Bennett’s are world class in everything they do. Whether you are a professional athlete or just your average weekend warrior, they make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Greg and Laura use their personal experiences and knowledge to give you the tools to accomplish your goals and makes the process fun in every step of the way. They’re the BEST! #1 Fan.

Bridget Rooney Koch, USA, Amateur Athlete

Greg has been a very positive influence on my life. Not just within triathlon but also sorting out what is actually important than the noise that surrounds the world that is Triathlon. Greg has a direct realistic approach to his coaching and his methods can't be questioned. He has won all there is to win and has experience in many areas not just within triathlon which give him well rounded and refreshing approach to his work. Specifically, with me is was helping guide me and find target focused goals subsequently reducing the stress around racing.

Chris Roy – Scotland, Professional Athlete

Greg and Laura are the ultimate duo. Not only are they world class athletes they are also two of the most genuine people in the sport! Having them by your side you are sure to reach your athletic goals whatever they may be!

Michael Latifi, Canada, Amateur Athlete

I remember my first swim workout in Victoria back in 2001 and sharing a pool with Greg Bennett & Simon Whitfield and a host of other triathlon royalty. I was star struck! I was inspired and continually schooled on what hard work and professionalism in sport meant. Greg then coached me to my first marathon in 2006 and absolutely changed my perception of what I could do - I'll never forget one workout in particular 100 times 35sec hard/25 sec easy - it sounded impossible to me, but I got it done and learned that I was largely held back by my mind. It's impacted and influenced my ultrarunning ever since - thank you for teaching me so much!

Adam Campbell, Canada, Amateur Athlete

Greg's experience and knowledge of the sport has always impressed me. He would easily have earned a doctor’s degree for it by now. His understanding of the sport is unique. His mentorship and coaching helped me to make it into the top 10 at arguably the toughest one-day endurance event in the world, the ironman Hawaii world championship. But it also impacted me to become the person I am today.

Mathias Hecht, Switzerland, Professional Athlete

Working through a nutrition plan with Laura really helped me take my performance and recovery to the next level and gain a better understanding of nutrient balance and timing for optimal recovery from training sessions. With a wealth of knowledge and experience built from her own amazing career, I was so grateful that she could pass some of it along to me. I initially approached Laura for help with my nutrition around racing and training, but our meetings often evolved into discussions with Greg as well. I came away from each of our talks with not only a solid nutrition plan, but a better understanding of the sport, newfound confidence in myself, and belief that I could build a career out of triathlon like they did so successfully.

Paula Findlay, Canada, Professional Athlete

I am more than thrilled with the thoroughness in which Laura conducted our initial consultation.  I am exceptionally impressed with her expansive knowledge of nutrition in every way.  Her recommendations thus far have been one of a kind, not that which one has heard before. I experienced a shocking distention in my abdomen over a 2 day period; have been to dozens of physicians, tried many medications, and had many tests.  Laura is approaching my difficulties from a different perspective; a very attentive focus like no other. I feel extremely comfortable knowing that Laura and Greg are working on my issues, helping me. Thank you Laura and Greg.

Diane Browne, USA, Optimizing health and Longevity

Laura Bennett shares an impeccable knowledge of nutrition and it’s practical applications to an individual’s specific needs. She is thorough, patient, passionate and practical when it comes to helping someone grasp nutrition and exercise principles. It is an honor to work with her.

Wendy McClure, USA, Owner & Trainer of Body Dynamics, Boulder, CO

Greg and Laura are two of the most impressive professionals I have met and I am forever grateful to have them in my inner circle. I was fortunate enough to meet them during my own transition in life, and was inspired by their work ethic, humble demeanor and inspirational way of life. I was an Ironman athlete making her way, that knew I had more in life to offer with my professional career. Greg and Laura inspired me to make a solid change and come back to a balanced way of life in Colorado. Athletes often struggle with their own transition from their careers, but Greg and Laura strategized their life in such a way...that they are truly set up for success. Instead of worrying about what skills they bring to the table, these athletes turned themselves into mentors and have been able to help others day in and day out. They are truly the epitome of class and challenge others to dig deep in order to excel to their full potential. The Bennett’s pay it forward.

Liz McLean, USA, Amateur Athlete (Former Airforce service woman)

“It has been tremendously rewarding and motivating working with Laura and Greg Bennett.  They are the best investment I have made in myself as an athlete. Their knowledge of the sport and what it takes to excel is second to none. They have honed their skills as professional athletes excelling at the highest level, with a genuine passion for racing, training, nutrition and helping others.  Their ability to develop excellence in others and guide athletes
toward goal success is enhanced by their dedication, accessibility and straight-talking wisdom that truly stands the test of time because they've put in decades of hard work to learn what works best. What I learned from Laura & Greg enabled me to gain more control over my racing and achieve beyond expectations.  It was thrilling to toe the line fully prepared with incredible fitness, full health, and smart tactics.  There is a freedom and joy in knowing you are healthy and ready. Their coaching enhanced my enjoyment of racing and training and enabled me to get the most out of myself.” 

Rebecca Smith, USA, Amateur Athlete


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