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The Greg Bennett Show


Welcome to The Greg Bennett Show - a Bennett Endurance podcast production.

I'm your host Greg Bennett, a Former Professional Olympic Athlete. I was not a natural born champion or winner. Yet I was able to go on to win multiple World titles, the world’s largest prize purse wins, and be named one of the “Top 15 Triathletes of all time" (insideTriathlon, 2012). I had to learn how to win.

The Greg Bennett Show dives into what makes a world-class athlete and High Performer.

If you're enjoying the show, your support would be truly appreciated. Actually, if you're not enjoying the show your support would also be truly appreciated and I'll work even harder to make it better. A coffee a month (or a week or day if you're feeling super generous) is all it costs to become a part of my team and help this show become truly one of the greatest. Subscribe to the show and please give me some feedback as to what I can do to improve.

Our goal in life should be to never stop learning and to surround ourselves with the best... this is what this show and community is about. Let's get inspired by some of the world’s greatest high performers.


You can now listen to The Greg Bennett Show on:

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