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About Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett

I’m incredibly excited for Bennett Endurance 2.0 and our relaunch. The BE with Champions podcast will be hosted by Greg for the moment and I’ll likely jump onboard as a co-host for the 2nd season. I’m also excited to start working with a few more clients who’d like my Health Concierge consulting service. What’s a Health Concierge? Well, it’s my goal to help people like you get the right help around you to take care of your specific health needs. Whether you need blood work, DNA testing, body work and biomechanical issues I want to help you get the right testing from the right people specific to you.

Being an athlete, I was always learning and wanting to know more about how my body works and what was my body missing to perform better. Once I became pregnant with our first, I took it to another level of interest and once I started breastfeeding… well that’s when it became a must no more level of understanding as I had another human life living off me. I had to know what I was missing so the baby could be sustained completely.

During this time, I have studied and worked with the best in the health industry. My network is the best there is. I now work with Greg to get our clients the right tests and the right support for their specific needs so they can optimize their own lives.

Exciting times ahead. I hope you enjoy the BE with Champions podcast and we’d love to help you anyway we can.

Until next time – be your best you. The world needs you at your best!


Bennett Endurance is a high-performance consulting business for athletes of all age and abilities and non-athletes wanting to optimize their performances, health, wellbeing and longevity.


With a combined 50 years of racing as professional athletes, 30 years as coaches and 30 years as athlete managers, Bennett Endurance have the knowledge, experience and professionalism for intimate one-to-one, small group consultations and mastermind groups. Helping you thrive and to live your high-performance life. Find out more >


Passion and Purpose. Greg Bennett is driven and cares deeply about optimizing and living a high-performance life. His passion will cause others to be inspired to optimize their own lives. Greg visibly enjoys entertaining his audience with incredible stories of finding his passion, aligning that passion with his strengths and taking control of his own life. Be ready to be inspired and entertained. You will leave with the tools and tactics to go live your own high-performance life. Find out more >


An interview podcast show hosted by Greg Bennett. Greg interviews the world’s greatest Athletes, Entrepreneur’s and Executives diving deep into each guest’s life. Probing questions into each guests’ passions, strengths, sleep patterns, their teams, nutrition and everything else in between. These interviews are entertaining, inspiring and educational. The lessons learnt will give you the tools and tactics to optimize your life so you can live your High-performance life. Find out more >

Brand Partnerships

Bennett Endurance collaborated with the best brands and products throughout their professional athletic careers. They continue to search for products that will help optimize their lives and recommend these products to their clients. Find out more >


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