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Adam Melonas - World renowned Chef | Ironman Triathlete

Adam Melonas - World renowned Chef | Ironman Triathlete

Episode 174: Adam Melonas - World renowned Chef | Ironman Triathlete

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by Adam Melonas. World renowned Chef, Ironman Triathlete, CEO and Founder of the Food Innovation Lab Chew and the Sports Fueling Company FastFood ... and a Professional Speaker.

Adam is an accomplished Ironman triathlete and a world-renowned progressive chef.

As a casual cycler of 20 years, during the COVID-19 pandemic Adam decided to improve his fitness by training for an Ironman. From there, he hired a coach and elevated his training to around 20 hours a week.

While training for his first Ironman, Adam noticed a disturbing trend in the sports nutrition marketplace. One, he says, forces athletes to consume artificial ingredients. This leads to their larger food values and dietary restrictions becoming compromised. This discovery led Melonas down the path of creating a cutting-edge, endurance supplement line and endurance foods. The goal: using real ingredients designed to support the health and performance of endurance athletes of all levels worldwide.

Adam Melonas understands the frustrations of inadequate fueling products and has assembled an expert team to develop FastFood - which is a high-performance fuel made from 100% real food.

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Press play and listen to why Adam epitomises the saying "Success comes to those who endure One Moment Longer"


2:25 - Up each day at 4am and training before his 3 kids wake up, Adam describes his usual day and juggle of the entreprenuer of a start-up, and the demands of training for his next Ironman.

it's about managing the smiles and cries in each day

8:05 - Armed with an eclectic background in food and culture, Adam left his native Australia at the young age of 19 to become Executive Chef at Otto’s—a fine dining restaurant in London. From there, he went on to be Chef De Cuisine at the Shangri la Hotel in Dubai, Head Chef of Jade on 36 in Shanghai, Chef De Cuisine of Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and Culinary Director of the Lab at La Terraza del Casino (El Bulli Group) in Madrid.

From long-distance cycling to competing in an Ironman, one racing commonality is finding a reliable source to keep your body fueled

14:19 - As a longtime food industry veteran, Adam knows a lot about what goes into food and how it affects your body and overall health. While training for his first Ironman he became irritated with the flooded market of sports nutrition as he realised that they were filled with artificial ingredients, failed performance, and broken promises. From there he tasked his innovation team with the challenge of creating the highest-performance sports fuel possible. Made with nothing but real food.

not all endurance supplements are created equal

25:43 -Greg & Adam discuss the state of the nutrition and packaged food industry. Adam mentions a TV series he has recently watched - My 600-lb Life

27:50 - Prior to COVIC Adam thought he was successful as he travelled around the world up to 75% of each month. He describes the lessons he's learnt over the past few years and how he has applied it to his daily regime and businesses.

Endurance sports call for endurance foods, quick energy; especially when racking up the miles

37:35 - Adam explains how (and why) the name of his sports and endurance nutrition company 'FastFood' relates to fast performance combined with real food.

From long-distance cycling to competing in an Ironman, one racing commonality is finding a reliable source to keep your body fueled

47:29 - What would Adam Melonas tell his 18 year old self?

48:51 - Three people Adam would want to have dinner with (nonfamily, living or dead)?

Racing has provided me with some of the sharpest and most meaningful lessons

55:27 - Adam & Greg wrap this episode with some rapid fire questions (and answers)

  1. One book you would recommend?

  2. Two most-used apps on your phone?

  3. Toughest race of his career so far?

  4. First job?

  5. Out of 10, how cool is Daniel Bækkegård?

  6. Who would you want to play a movie of your life?

  7. Which decade of music is the best?

  8. Where is somewhere you haven’t been, you’d like to go?

  9. Greatest movie of all time?

1:01:02 - Interview concludes.


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