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Alistair Brownlee - Multiple Olympic and World Triathlon Champion

Alistair Brownlee - Multiple Olympic and World Triathlon Champion

Episode 15: Alistair Brownlee

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Alistair Brownlee. Alistair Brownlee is arguably the greatest Triathlete of all time, he’s at least very much a part of that conversation. An Olympic Gold at his home Olympics in London, then 4 years later Gold again at the Rio Olympics. Combine that with; Two ITU Triathlon World Championships, Two time World Team Champion, Four European Championships and the 2014 Commonwealth title. And most recently he won the Western Australia Ironman in Dec with a blistering course record with almost the world's fastest ever Ironman time of 7hr45min20sec. He races without fear and races for the win with absolute intent. A man that has triumphed under enormous pressure, has come back from adversity time and time again and showed enormous character when he carried his brother across the line at the cost of his own shot at the ITU Grand Final win in 2016. Alistair discusses the importance of his team and those closest to him. He goes into detail managing the pressure of the Olympics.



2min – They discuss Corona lockdown

3:05 – How Alistair Brownlee and Javier Gomez retired Greg

6:00 – “Brotherly love” Cozumel Grand Final, 2016

11:00 – Alistair’s experience with overheating in London 2010

13:30 – Tokyo Olympics, heat preparation, Alistair describes his likelihood of racing

17:30 - Alistair expresses awe at Greg still racing into his 40s

20:00 – Alistair and Ironman… stepping out from short course, injuries

26:20 – Greg and Alistair describe training with no injuries

28:45 – Alistair’s describes when his passion for endurance sports started. And when he found his talents

34:30 – Alistair describes Going all-in with his career at the World Jnr champs, 2006

36:15 – Education and his studies – His family and more importantly his coach Malcolm Brown encouraged more education- Having something else in your life

41:45 – Relationships, family

45:00 – Alistair discusses his relationship with his world class triathlete brother Johnathon Brownlee

49:40 – The experts that Alistair works with – the changed within Leeds

51:00 – Working with groups

53:00 – Bodywork

55:10 – Building your team having the experts in your corner

55:45 – Mental strategies around the London Olympics, Alistair’s hometown Olympics, Alistair was the favorite

1:01:10 – Being excited rather than being nervous

1:06:30 – Rio Olympics

1:09:45 – Word affirmations and visualizing

1:15:30 – Sleep “eat well and sleep well” OTE nutrition Yorkshire company

1:17:40 – General health – supplements

1:18:30 – Lab testing – Not since 2005!

1:24:45 – Recommendations - have perspective, sustainability for 3 months

1:26:00 – There is no short cut, simply consistent hard work

1:28:25 – Training locations – Leeds and Yorkshire, St. Moritz Switzerland, Alicante Spain,

1:30:20 – Conclude – Alistair announces that he has a new book coming soon!

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