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Arild Tveiten - World-leading coach - Norwegian Head Coach & Sports Director

Updated: May 3, 2021

Arild Tveiten - World-leading coach - Norwegian Head Coach & Sports Director

Arild Tveiten Episode 69: - World-leading coach - Norwegian Head Coach & Sports Director

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a wonderful conversation with one of the world's greatest Triathlon coaches, Arild Tveiten.

Arild Tveiten is one of the most successful endurance coaches on the planet. He’s the Triathlon Norway Head Coach and the Sports director of the Norwegian Triathlon Federation.

Several of his athletes have been on the show including episode 14, with Kristian Blummenfelt 2019 World Triathlon series Grand final champion, and episode 52 with Gustav Iden 2019 IM 70.3 World Champion & 2020 Challenge Daytona PTO Champion who both sang his praises and praised the incredible team culture that he has created.

The clean sweep at the Bermuda World Triathlon Series race in 2018 by the Norwegian men – Casper Stornes, Kristian Blummenfelt, and Gustav Iden, positioned Norway as a strong force and very much on the radar in the world Triathlon.

In this episode, Arild describes how he became the head coach of Norway, and how he's developed his coaching over the past 10 years.

He discusses altitude training, heat adaptation, and tapering for major events. He describes the incredible team culture that has been cultivated under his guidance where all his athletes want the very best for each other.

He discusses the level of detail that they go into preparing for major competitions.

Simply, a fascinating and educational conversation.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

5.40 - Introduction to guest

6.40 - General chit-chat - Arild is calling from Norway - being away at camps - managing family - Quarantine and Covid tests - Kids twin daughters 9-year-old

10.30 - Started Sports Director in 2011 - Managing Coach and Sports Director for Norway - Taking the job of coach

13.40 - Identifying talent - "I took the athletes we had" - "You need to work with the athletes you have"

17.20 - Working with young athletes

19.40 - Managing the individuals to create a high-performance team - The athletes have only ever worked with Arild

22.30 - Arild's career - Too many excuses and limits - "don't set limits for yourself"

26.50 - Influences on coaching - Mark Allen (Phil Maffertone training and Heart rate monitors) - Copying will always leave you one step behind - Arild studied Norway's Marathoners, Cross country skiing, and rowing

32.30 - The specifics of training for Triathlon - Norway in 2018 went 1,2,3, Bermuda WTS race - 4 weeks at altitude - They do 3-4 months of altitude a year - 2000m - 8000ft plus - Building a big aerobic base and lactic threshold - the Sierra Nevada in Spain - Studied the Bermuda course - In training, they trained specifically for Bermuda and its hills - "He just did what we had trained" - Arild shares his joy of Bermuda = Need Norway extra flag

45.20 - Altitude training - Before going up be fit and well-rested - Experimenting with scientific data - using Font Romeu 1800m (6000ft) - Testing at altitude in Sierra Nevada and Font Romeu - How long, how intense, how much recovery... the science is showing the Norwegians work

54.00 - Sports Scientist Olav Alexsander is the driving force behind it all - collecting much more data since 2016 - "We call him the mad developer" - He's always wanting more

57.00 - Ironman 70.3 World Championships - Test event and the WTS Grand Final were leading events - Stayed for two weeks in Japan before the test event - Kristian crashed in Tokyo test event, 12 days before winning the WTS Grand Final in Lausanne - He missed his training leading into IM 70.3 worlds - Gustav was 4th in Test event and the WTS Grand Final - He went on to win the IM 70.3 worlds - "We believed he would run a 1.08hr for the 1/2 marathon" - Understanding the competition

1.07.50 - Tapering - When do you come down from altitude? Often race 2-3 days out, not between 5 - 9 but then a good 10 to 14 days, they've also seen 4 weeks later can be good. When do you get out of the heat? Use it for heat races and simply great effects for fitness - Studying core temperature

1.13.40 - What it will take to win the Olympics? - Acclimitised, be prepared to race the greatest

1.15.00 - Shortening events due to extreme conditions - Thoughts?

1.18.00 - How fast the 10km will be in Tokyo?

1.19.00 Norway - team relay? "We will fight to the end to qualify"

1.22.20 - The rest of the year 2021 - Racing where they can - After Leeds, then altitude, then Olympics, then qualifying for Hawaii, then Kristian for sub 7hr

1.24.20 - Coaching out of other federations - "I don't think I can coach another team while my athletes are racing"

1.25.50 - Optimizing your life? "Appreciate what you have" - "Family, kids and the small things"

1.27.30 - Coffee Time? Barack Obama - discuss leadership

1.29.20 - Conclusion - taking the show on the road


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