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Barrie Shepley - The Legendary Coach & Commentator

Barrie Shepley - The Legendary Coach & Commentator

Episode 134: Barrie Shepley

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Barrie Shepley has been to 6 Olympics & 30 World Tri Champs as coach or commentator.

He is a true Canadian and Triathlon legend. He’s a professional Coach, Olympic and World Cup Triathlon Commentator, and Mentor to many professional athletes.

For over 30 years, Barrie Shepley has influenced the world of Triathlon for the better. Starting the Kids of steal Triathlons in Canada we’re the future Olympic Gold medalist Simon Whitfield developed his craft. He was the Canadian head coach during the 2000, Sydney Olympics where that same Simon Whitfield won Gold, add to that, his Commentary for the World Cup series for over 20 years and if you’re in triathlon you no doubt know who he is.

His job as a professional coach and TV sports commentator has taken him to all corners of the earth where he’s experienced many unexpected twists and turns.

His new book, Chasing Greatness, has just been released. Where he shares his stories about sport and life. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, this book carries many beautiful lessons.


1:49 - Interview starts

3:43 - What it's like to have breakfast with Lori Bowden - 7 straight years on the podium at Kona with 2 wins.

9:18 - Barrie describes his view on the power of getting yourself in a race, as opposed to laser-beam focusing on your training.

The more often that you can race, the better that you can see your skills evolving. You really start to see who is cut out for elite racing, and who is a good trainer who cant race.

15:22 - Some amazing stories about Javier Gomez and Jan Frodeno and their race vs. training numbers.

16:58 - Rewinding the clock with Barrie Shepley. From the early inspirations in sport, through to his realization that he was not gonna make pro, through to his decision to create the first Kids Of Steel race. with Simon Whitfield.

Every kid is a triathlete

28:25 - Barrie explains how he transitioned into commentating. Telling stories and a commitment to 'never leaving an event' until the last person crosses the line has seen Barrie crafting an amazing career commentating triathlon.

35:59 - From commentating ... to coaching. Barrie's journey and passion into coaching athletes is fascinating and inspiring.

44:30 - Barrie describes one of the biggest highlights of his 40+ years career. Simon Whitfield

50:36 - Some of the 'lows' from Barrie Shepley's career also help us understand the life journey within sport.

55:34 - Barrie's new book is titled 'Chasing Greatness' - Stories of passion and perseverance in sport and life. Barrie Shepley’s quest to find greatness in himself and others has been far from a straight line. His job as a professional coach and TV sports commentator has taken him to all corners of the earth where he’s experienced many unexpected twists and turns. The stories that Barrie tells will have you crying, laughing, holding your breath, and, at times, even applauding. His stories are about sport but also about life, love, success, and failure. Whether a sports fan or not, this book carries lessons for us all. Learn about Barrie Shepley and his unforgettable journey from small town roots to the highest level of sport success, but also learn what it means to find the best in yourself along the way.

1:08:11 - Greg and Barrie share their opinions and thoughts around some really interesting topics and people.

  • Top 3 triathlon coaches of all time.

  • The greatest of all time male and female triathletes.

  • Predictions for Kona - who's gonna win 2022 and beyond - Men & Women.

  • Who's gonna win the World Series?

1:31:54 - Interview concludes.


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