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Ben Hoffman - Ironman Champion

Ben Hoffman - Ironman Champion

Episode 46 - Ben Hoffman - Ironman Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has a powerful conversation with Ben Hoffman. Ben is one of the world's greatest Ironman athletes.

For 15 years Ben has chased the dream of being the very best in the world and he’s on the verge of making that happen with a 2nd and two 4th’s at the Kona Ironman World Championships, He has 7 Ironman Victories, 7 Ironman 70.3 wins and when he’s not winning he’s on the podium.

In fact, in 2019 Ironman Florida, finished 2nd in a time of 7:48:29 – and in doing so the fastest Ironman marathon ever recorded at 2:36:09 – That is an incredible sub-6-minute mile pace or more specifically 5 minutes 57 seconds per mile or 3.42 per km for the entire marathon.

He has a relentless work ethic and there is no doubt the Ironman World title is within his grasp.

Ben describes his journey into the sport of Triathlon. He describes moments of self-doubt and questioning whether he should continue to reaching podiums in some of the world's biggest Ironman events. Dealing with his 2018 injury and the gratefulness he felt to come back and race in 2019 and win his 3rd South African Ironman, placing 4th at the World Championships and run the fastest ever marathon in an Ironman at the Florida Ironman in 2019.

Ben describes his sleep routine, what supplements he uses, and the importance of each member of his team. Finally, Ben gives incredible takeaways on how he uses various mental strategies to optimize himself.

Ben concludes with one final statement - The importance of mindset - "So much of top-level racing is a mindset - Self Belief, the Passion, the Hunger, the Desire to suffer, and also having things in your life be aligned and your relationships and have gratefulness for your life"

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.30 - Sponsors

5.00 - Start to show – Introduction

6.05 - General chit-chat - 2019 results and becoming a father - IM Sth Africa, IM Kona, IM Florida - Coming off an injury in 2018 - "I was responsible for my injury" - "It made it clear how much I love the people and this port and how I'm burning to just get out there and race" - Ben is 37 - he believes he has a few years left - The positive thing of 2020 is Ben gets more time with his daughter but misses racing

10.35 - Ben's 2018 Injury, he has a sacral stress fracture - It's a common injury for professional athletes but not so much for the general society - Ben describes his needs for calcium and he was low in calcium and Vitamin D and B12 - Ben has routine blood tests but believes he should have looked closer

15.20 - The importance of having a team around you to help read things like blood tests

16.05 - 2020 - Ben hasn't done any races - he went back to Durango to enjoy the downtime - he's raced a few little running races - He's hoping Challenge Daytona goes ahead - "When my first big race got canceled, I immediately pumped the brakes" - Ben continued training but didn't stress himself about racing - Ben describes he did go through uncertainty and the highs and lows and the emotions that went with him - The key for Ben is to exercise every day, being grateful and staying positive

20.45 - Challenge Daytona, Dec 6th - $1.125 Million - 50 men and 50 woman - Ben describes his preparation for Daytona - Ben is realistic about the race, his strength is Ironman

25.50 - Winding the clock back - Soccer midfielder - Grand Junction - Ben could outlast everybody - Road tours on the bike - Ran at High School - ran an 800m 1.59 - University Montana - Rockclimbing - 2003 Found Ironman via a book - Ben had no swim background - turned professional after graduating

32.00 - Getting a grip on the swim - Applied work ethic to swimming - "Swimming is technique heavy" - "I was fortunate to have really good coaching around me", "I was very patient ... it was going to be a 5 to 8-year process"

35.50 - Going All-In - Kona 2009 - "What just happened... I committed everything and got my ass kicked" - "Ill give it one more shot" - "2010 I got the attention and results I needed it" - "Give yourself one more chance before pulling the pin" - St. George, Utah Ironman 2012 was brutal race the win was in 9.10hr

43.20 - It was always Ironman for Ben - Collegiate world champs in Lausanne 2006 made ben realize that Ironman was a better fit - "I valued hard work from the very beginning, but I also cared about it show something"

46.30 - Strength in the marathon - holding form - "I'm not particularly gifted, I think I'm more of a hard worker who focusses on the details" - Ben can burn fat all day - "I'm a strength endurance athlete"

49.30 - South Africa Ironman 2019 - Coming on the back of 2018 injuries - Absa Cape Epic 2018 (8 day Mountain bike stage race) - "Your health is in jeopardy every day" - Ben and Sebastian Kienle finished 25th overall - Ben crashed and didn't race well in 2018 Sth Africa and pulled up injured - "I'm on a mission right now to prove to everyone and myself that I'm not just back, I'm better" - "That's what I did in 2019 South Africa" - "Sebi wrote me a note - This is what we live for, this is what you want to do, you want to suffer, you want to see what you can do, you want to be in that place of discomfort and suffering - and I was like you're right. I'm hungry for that, I want to go there"

58.00 - Ben's Team & Relationships - Wife Kelsey - Parents - Coach Ryan Bolton - Massage Therapist Marcos Meijis - Sponsors (beyond business) - Ben and Kelsey are due to have another baby - Zoot has sponsored Ben for over 10 years - Training partners - Peers and mateship (Sebastian Kienle) - "We can be friends and then we battle"

1.08.00 Mental Strategies - Mindfulness meditation - "Giving yourself that time to calm and clear the mind" - Ben uses Huso to help with his meditation "It's incredibly relaxing" - "Positive affirmations and visualizing are do a lot of" - "The key of all of it is self-belief" - "It's a process of building self-belief, and you have to take control" - "Sometimes failure is a little harder, but then you learn more" - "Whether you fail or have success you learn and you grow, that's why it's worth putting yourself out there" - "You have to re-learn lessons all the time" - "I haven't nailed these things down, I'm always growing" - "Be mindful, check-in and ask yourself what do you need?" - The importance of strong partners - Ben and Greg share the importance of strong woman in their lives

1.18.30 - Sleep - "The most important recovery tool we have" - "You need adequate restful sleep" - Melotonine 3mg, Chilipad, The room is cool, dark and ben uses earplugs - Magnesium

1.22.00 - Supplements - ben takes a multi-Vitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D and a B12, during the day, CBD (full spectrum - Champions and legends) is also something Ben has been experimenting - Dr. Ara Suppiah episode - Dr. Mansoor Mohamed

1.26.00 - Kids

1.28.00 - 2021 Racing - Ironman Kona - "To win Kona, I don't need to change a whole lot, I'm right there" - "I don't need 5% improvement, I just need to continue to improve across the board, then execute and have I believe to have a little luck and take the risk" - "I'm in a position now mentally, physically, financially I feel comfortable taking that risk and I think it's necessary to be the best" - "I need the consistent process of chipping away"

1.32.30 - Conclusion - The importance of mindset - "So much of top-level racing is a mindset - Self Belief, the Passion, the Hunger, the Desire to suffer, and also having things in your life be aligned and your relationships and have gratefulness for your life"


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