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Ben Kanute - USA Olympian, Ironman 70.3 medalist, 4 x Escape from Alcatraz

Ben Kanute - USA Olympian, Ironman 70.3 medalist, 4 x Escape from Alcatraz

Episode 150 - Ben Kanute - USA Olympian, Ironman 70.3 medalist, 4 x Escape from Alcatraz

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Ben Kanute is one of the most powerful, versatile Triathletes in the world. Winning major titles over the super sprint style of racing, four Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon championships, and twice a silver medalist at the IM 70.3 World Championships, most recently at this year's World Championships in St.George Utah with an epic head-to-head battle with Olympic Champion Kristian Blummenfelt.

Ben was last on the show, on Oct 4th, 2021, where he shared his journey into the sport and his love for his team and family.

Ben Kanute races without fear, leading out of the water almost every time he starts and forces the race to chase him.

It’s been a true joy to watch him develop his craft over the years. He has no weaknesses and races with weapons across the board. His momentum is building and he’s spearheading the next generation.

In this episode, Ben disects his turnaround from the past 18 months of racing with some tough performances, physically and mentally. Been also discusses his debut Ironman in 2 weeks.


2:12 - Interview starts

7:25 - Ben explains his training schedule going into St George, and then backing it up 2 weeks later with Ironman Arizona.

9:27 - Greg and Ben discuss the deadlines and fees for professional athletes entering events. Yep, pro's have to pay too!

11:23 - Greg & Ben discuss the past 12 months of racing and how some of those lackluster performances affected his mindset.

my team are really good at focussing on the positives

29:31 - Ben discusses how important his team has been in helping turn things arouns. Jim Vance, Bobby McGee, Matt Pendola, Courtney (wife), Seth Pepper have all played a significant role in allowing Ben to become free to play and race.

you just wanna go out there and take it

33:32 - Ben always takes a race by the horns. He describes the plan and his mindset during his epic battle at St George. From the weeks leading in, to the transitions, to the final run battle with Kristian Blummenfelt.

38:18 - Ben disects the race, starting with the swim.

some guys take the gloves out when the gun goes off

41:51 - Moving through T1, Ben explains the first 10-15 miles on the bike and how he focussed on his watts and just hunkered down. "We were in the 340's for most of the first part of the bike".

we train to ride at threshold power

46:26 - Starting the run, Ben relaxed and felt he had a really solid shot at the podium. (with no socks!)

If you want to beat the Norwegians, you have to take the race to them ...

52:32 - Ben's description of exactly how the run battle with Kristian played out is a fantastic insight into the mindset of a pro athlete.

54:57 - Ben explains how he felt running down to the finish line.

57:05 - Check out Ben's 176 answers on

59:16 - Interview concludes


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