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BE With Champtions

The BE with Champions podcast is largely to fill my own curiosity. I’m truly curious about what makes a champion, what is the key to becoming great and not just good. Is it physical, mental, emotional? Is it natural talent or passion or both? So, I’ve decided to interview the world’s greatest athletes and high performers to find out. The podcast is also for you… if like me, you are curious about how to improve, how to become stronger, faster, healthier, more capable, have more energy, live a life with purpose.

Fortunately, my years in sport have allowed me access to many of the world’s greatest athletes. Yes, to begin with most of them are in the endurance sports arena but there is tremendous cross over to other great athletes and high performers. Many of these athletes are good mates, others are high performers whom I’m truly inspired by, all of them are willing to have a chat with me on BE with Champions, and I’m truly grateful for their time and for them to be willing to share stories of how they got to the top and how they’re able to sustain it.

The true catalyst for the show was when I was preparing to be an NBC analyst for the 2019 Kona Ironman World Championships. I spent many weeks contacting and chatting with the greatest athletes in the world as they prepared for the race. I loved the chats and I enjoyed learning their various approaches to prepare for the big day. The biggest takeaway from that experience was that the better the athlete the more willing they were to chat and share what was happening and how quickly the best responded. The lessor athletes took their time getting back to me, whereas the true champions got back immediately and when we spoke they were calm, rational, respectful and excited (rather than nervous) to show their abilities on race day.

I’m incredibly honored to have the greatest commentator in the world Mr. Phil Liggett do my Intro and Outro for the show. Phil has called the Tour de France for the past 44 years, he has called 8 summer Olympics and numerous winter Olympics. I am beyond words that he was also willing to sit down and have a chat with me on the show… episode coming early 2020.

These long form conversations are entertaining, inspiring and incredibly informative. I’m simply thrilled to be hosting a show where I can chat with these incredible high achievers and learn from them.

Never stop learning, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do making these shows.


Bennett Endurance is a high-performance consulting business for athletes of all age and abilities and non-athletes wanting to optimize their performances, health, wellbeing and longevity.


With a combined 50 years of racing as professional athletes, 30 years as coaches and 30 years as athlete managers, Bennett Endurance have the knowledge, experience and professionalism for intimate one-to-one, small group consultations and mastermind groups. Helping you thrive and to live your high-performance life. Find out more >


Passion and Purpose. Greg Bennett is driven and cares deeply about optimizing and living a high-performance life. His passion will cause others to be inspired to optimize their own lives. Greg visibly enjoys entertaining his audience with incredible stories of finding his passion, aligning that passion with his strengths and taking control of his own life. Be ready to be inspired and entertained. You will leave with the tools and tactics to go live your own high-performance life. Find out more >


An interview podcast show hosted by Greg Bennett. Greg interviews the world’s greatest Athletes, Entrepreneur’s and Executives diving deep into each guest’s life. Probing questions into each guests’ passions, strengths, sleep patterns, their teams, nutrition and everything else in between. These interviews are entertaining, inspiring and educational. The lessons learnt will give you the tools and tactics to optimize your life so you can live your High-performance life. Find out more >

Brand Partnerships

Bennett Endurance collaborated with the best brands and products throughout their professional athletic careers. They continue to search for products that will help optimize their lives and recommend these products to their clients. Find out more >


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