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Brett Hawke - Multiple Olympic Swimmer & one of the worlds greatest swim coaches

Brett Hawke - Multiple Olympic Swimmer & one of the worlds greatest swim coaches

Episode 62: Brett Hawke - Multiple Olympic Swimmer & one of the worlds greatest swim coaches

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has an insightful conversation with swimming legend Brett Hawke.

Brett is one of the rare few that not only reached the top of the world as an athlete in his chosen sport of sprint swimming he has also coached numerous athletes to do the same.

He’s an Australian Olympian at the 2000 Sydney & 2004 Athens Olympic Games - He is a five-time Australian national champion and former Australian record-holder in the 50-meter freestyle (22.07). And he finished his career with seven international medals.

Prior to his Olympic career, he went to Auburn University to swim. There he earned seventeen All-American honors and was a nine-time NCAA individual champion and helped Auburn win two national team championships.

After his Olympic career, he went back to Auburn to become an assistant coach in 2006. And then became head coach in 2009 – 2018. During that time, Auburn won the NCAA National title in 2009. And he trained countless Auburn swimmers to the Olympics. He Coached Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo Filho to the 50m freestyle gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games In 2008.

He’s now the VP of Swimming Performance and Education at Fitter and Faster – America’s number 1 swim camps, and he hosts the incredible swimming podcast “Inside with Brett Hawke” where he interviews the world’s greatest former and present swimmers and swim coaches.

In this episode, Brett describes the importance of training and living with Intention. "Intention" is the difference between Olympic Champion and average.

Brett discusses how he struggled with confidence during his career and felt like an imposter in the waiting room before the championship finals. He took the lessons he learned from missing the 1996 Olympics and what he learned about himself as an athlete and as helped 100's of swimmers become champions.

Simply, a wonderful conversation with a great athlete and coach.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.22 - Sponsors

5.31 - Start to show – Introduction

6.55 - General chit-chat - Instagram intro Alf Pat connected Greg and Brett - Living in the USA - marrying an American woman - getting back to Australia

9.40 - Coaching the USA or the Australian Olympic team

10.45 - Comparing own swim career with the athletes you coach - a selfish act verse a giving selfless act - helping others reach their pinnacle moment

13.25 - Cesar Cielo Filho - winning Brazil's first Olympic swim gold - "he said, I know I'm going to win" - A lot of mistakes can be made - training with absolute intent

18.00 - Intention - practicing with intent, being relentless - being in control of a 10th a second

20.45 - practicing reaction times - focus on the light rather than the sound - How well you move not just speed of movement

22.40 - Rewind the clock - grew up in Maroubra, Sydney, a fairly tough area - grew up with great athletes around "I wasn't good I was just average" - At 17, Brett dedicated his life to swimming to make the Atlantic Olympics - he worked at Pizza Hut to 1 am and slept during the day - qualifying for the Olympics Brett was top 6 in the 100m and 3rd in the 50m but was left off the 1996 Atlanta Olympics - "I felt like I was a complete loser watching those Olympics... but from that moment on I've been to the next 5 Olympics" - taking control of his life after Atlanta

30.43 - Moving to the USA - after a trip to the World Championships - went to Auburn to visit a friend - swimming at Auburn University, Alabama with coach David Walsh - January 1996 Brett swam for Auburn - "You just can't;t give up on yourself" - I just didn't give up on myself

35.00 - Acknowledging talent - "I grew up in a family where we were happy honest, average people", "I put on this mask and pretend I was someone I was" - "I had to believe I was somebody better" - Learning how to win - Did repeating this change in mindset? - I felt like I was an imposter - confidence took work

42.00 - Brett's swimming career has helped make him a great coach

43.55 - The NCAA program for young athletes - being a part of a team

47.25 - Working with the great coaches, David Marsh and Richard Quick - what did these coaches have? "They have the 'IT' factor"

49.30 - Transitioning from athlete to coach - given the "riff-raff" group to train "I fell into the coaching" - going from coach to Head Coach

51.20 - Having to prove yourself post-Olympic Gold - 2009 World Championships Bretts team from Auburn won loads of medals and broke world records - Becoming a manager rather than a coach

54.55 - Building a team to support the individual -

56.40 - Working with athletes psychology - Brett uses his background and degree to help athletes with their mental strategies - "Identify things that you'll encounter on race day and prepare" -

1.00.00 - Managing homelife and expectations - "The best athletes compartmentalize" - for better or worse

1.02.00 - Physical training - "Swimming a 22 sec 50m is laughable now" - studying track and field athletes - shifting perspective from junk miles in the pool to be more specific

1.08.00 - Swimmers have Leaned up, less muscular far more specific

1.09.00 - General health - Nutrition - Supplements - Brett doesn't focus too much on supplements

1.10.00 - Recovery and rebuilding - wearables - what data is more helpful? - Heart rate variable HRV - Dr. Dan Plews - Ky Hurst -

1.15.00 - Memorable podcast episodes - Bob Bowerman was fascinating

1.17.00 - Podcasts - Everyone's got a story -

1.18.30 - Australian swimmers

1.20.00 - Conclusion - where does Brett want to go with his show? A studio. What's next for Brett? Cody Simpson


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