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Bruno Fratus - Olympic swimmer - Brazil

Bruno Fratus - Professional Swimming Athlete - Brazil

Episode 110 - Bruno Fratus - Professional Swimming Athlete - Brazil

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Bruno Fratus is one of the fastest swimmers in the world. No one has gone under 22 secs for 50m more times than this man. He’s approaching 100 sub 22’s. To put that in perspective, that has him winning or on the podium nearly every major swim meet for the past ten years.

But, his story hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. He’s had mental and physical setbacks, but he keeps rebuilding and coming back stronger.

He’s the epitome of perseverance.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0:00 - Introduction to show.

1:54 - Interview starts

5:24 - Watching you and Michelle (your wife and your coach) at the Tokyo Olympics celebrating your medal win was extremely special, tell us about that moment and also tells us about how integral it has been to your success having Michelle coach and be by your side through the journey of the past few years.

9:40 - This morning, before this interview, you've already worked out ... what was your training today?

10:52 - Your attitude going into Tokyo, compared to London and Rio had changed, talk us through what happened.

15:00 - Give us a guide book on how you hit the 'state of flow'

16:01 - Can you sense what time you are swimming mid way through an event?

17:08 - Have you ever felt in practice that that was a World Record time?

17:39 - In such a powerful sport where 10ths and 100ths of second matter ... you are swimming faster now than anyone in history ... is it doable to race under 20seconds?

24:37 - When did you first fall in love with swimming?

33:23 - Your vulnerability and authenticity with your fans is inspiring, talk to us about when you were bullied as a kid and how your view on bullying has matured.

39:56 - You've been to three Olympics so far, is there one fond memory that stands out for you?

46:44 - Are you someone who visualizes regularly?

51:28 - Have you found yourself swimming more easily in a race, then making a final and swimming the exact same time, but it feels much harder?

58:56 - What does Swimming need to do to become a bigger sport where you guys are making bigger income, sponsors are larger and more attractive, what's it gonna take?

01:08:48 - What do you have next, what is the future for Bruno Fratus?

01:13:04 - Who's the greatest of all time athlete in the world according to Bruno?

01:15:19 - What advice could you give to listeners of this podcast, on how to optimize their own lives?

01:20:22 - Interview ends.


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