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Bryce Wylde - Natural medicine expert, clinician, T.V. host, educator, author & philanthropist

Bryce Wylde - Natural medicine expert, clinician, T.V. host, educator, author & philanthropist

Episode 34 - Bryce Wylde - Natural medicine expert, clinician, T.V. host, educator, author & philanthropist

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Show notes - Please see Timestamps for more detail

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with, Bryce Wylde - Natural medicine expert, clinician, T.V. host, educator, author & philanthropist.

Bryce's specialty is homeopathy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and botanical medicine. His focus is routed within functional medicine.

Bryce blends the latest in human biological and genomic screening, science, and technology, and uses new, traditional, and ancient remedies. 

In this episode Greg and Bryce discuss -

What is "Alternative medicine"  Covid-19 and what is the real pandemic The effects of isolation due to Covid-19 Nutrition Nutrition for endurance sport and exercise Supplements Pre and Probiotics Overtraining in sport and the effects on the gut The importance of Glutathione Why Glutathione  Mindfulness and mental strategies Visualizing and the 24hr edit What is "Grounding"? Breathing techniques Sleep Genetics and DNA Environmental Toxins Bryce's Philanthropy and extreme events Bryce's latest book "Brainspanners"


3.50 – Introduction

4.30 – “Alternative medicine expert” – We got away from this – Recently its become Functional medicine

6.30 – How a Functional medicine practice would treat Lyme disease – Broad-spectrum antibiotics for many months and then complement with probiotics

7.00 – What is Alternative? “We actually see what is known as conventional medicine as an alternative. When good nutrition, exercise, supplementation and using therapeutic ingredients don’t work then let's employ the alternative of pharmacopeia and surgery”

8.10 – Covid-19 - Building immunity around Covid-19 – We’re missing the most important pandemic which is our metabolic health (Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity) – The concern should be around societies health – We demonized fats for decades and promote refined carbohydrates – “We’re calling deaths from COVID, “COVID” when its probably a lot of other things”

12.30 – Where Bryce's curiosity for Natural medicine comes from? – Started clinical psychology (The dreary days) – “I stumbled across a book on natural therapies from the ’50s in the library” – Bryce grew up using natural remedies with her mother and neighbors – Bryce went back to a degree in natural medicine

15.45 - Using what we can from nature – we’re meant to use our bodies (push, pull, jump, squat and lift), Eat micronutrient dense foods, unplug from technology, get out into nature and expose ourselves to negative ions and ground ourselves, we’re meant to talk amongst ourselves

16.30 – The effects of social isolation due to Covid-19 - Problems sleeping and overeating, not enough exercise – these have all lead to a syndrome – “We’re meant to be exposed to microbes”

18.20 – Personalized medicine using DNA, blood tests, hair, and saliva, and stool samples, “I’ve never had the same situation in my office ever”, it’s true personalized functional medicine.

19.30 – Isolation verse socialization

20.35 – Greg and Bryce Wylde history

21.15 – Nutrition – Real food – Evolutionary biology – Bryce says he’s a huge proponent of the paleolithic style of eating with some leeway – “How did our ancestors eat?”“It’s hard to eat yourself healthy from a medical problem or condition, you should eat well for your recovery, but extracting ingredients and taking out nutrients to create a therapeutic range, that’s my expertise”

“I would suggest eating only foods you could present to your great-great-grandparents and so they would recognize that food” “Cardinal rule… If its packaged, processed, packed with sugar, vegetable oils, preservatives, if its micronutrient devoid then avoid”- Michael Pollen quote = “Eat Food, Not too much and mainly plants” – The 2nd cardinal rule “eat a rainbow of foods every day" Finally, “make sure your diet is rich in protein and healthy fats”“There is such a thing as essential fatty acid, there is such a thing as essential amino acids (which form protein), there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate”

26.20 – Nutrition for endurance sport and exercise – “Not all calories are equal” – “I’m not an extremist” – Do the best you can 80% of time

31.00 – Supplements – What are the things that everyone should have in life? – In the current climate it’s about supporting immunity – Vit D, Vit C (500mg), Vit E, Quercetin, Omega 3 fatty acid (Manufacturer DSM - 2 to 1 ration of DHEA to EPA from Algae source), Probiotics and prebiotics for microbiome

36.30 – Bryce describes his echo challenge events

37.30 – How Probiotics work – they need soluble fiber and then leave postbiotics – Google soluble versus insoluble fiber – Monash University fodmap -

Foods to avoid fodmap foods – A great probiotic/ prebiotic is Sun-Fiber - Regular Girl Regular Girl – (Laura is an affiliate with Regular Girl - Use WellBalancedFamily10 for 10% off) contains 5 grams of clinically proven prebiotic fiber (Sunfiber®), a perfect food source for the good bacteria in your gut. It moves through your system at just the right pace without the drag of creating excess gas or bloating. Regular Girl contains 8 billion active and clinically proven probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis) that work in harmony with our Prebiotic Fiber, forming a union that maintains regularity and promotes wonderfully balanced intestinal health – Clinical guide to probiotic products available - Lab in North Carolina - Using stool samples - NutrEval – You need to correct a leaky gut syndrome before a food sensitivity test – “Once you have a leaky gut, you also have a leaky brain”

48.50 – Overtraining in sport and effects on gut “Overtraining is as un-natural as a junk food diet, they’re just different types of stressors on the body” – finding homeostasis is critical

49.30 – Glutathione – Detoxification of free radicals – we produce Glutathione in our own bodies, in our cells - supplementation of Glutathione is incapable of increasing intracellular glutathione production – Glyteine is the proprietary form of Gamma -Glutamylcysteine (GGC) and provides GGC required by the cells to produce Glutathione –

52.30 – Why Glutathione? Detoxifying - We sweep Inflammation, immunity and recovery - Our continuing good health can be challenged if; our cells become depleted of glutathione through excess exercise and exposure to high levels of toxins - we permanently lose the capability to make enough glutathione to deal with normal levels of free radicals in some of our cells, tissues and organs - the amount of free radicals produced by our cells becomes consistently higher than normal and overwhelms our glutathione production capacity – “Glutathione efficiently neutralizes an overproduction of reactive oxidative species” – Our normal levels in which our bodies produce Glutathione change with age, chronic disease even though we need the same amount throughout our lives it decreases as we age – “With this Glytein I’m seeing much better results and the cost is significantly reduced, I’m moving my practice over to this oral Glytein”, “the majority of us need to supplement with this stuff (Glytein) a majority of us need to enhance our Glutathione pathways”

1.01.20 – Mindfulness and mental strategies – executive function – Upregulating BDNF Brain-derived neurotrophic factor increases significantly through exercise – BDNF and Vitamin D – up or downgrade hormones – Theanine - improve focus attention alertness (200mg morning and evening)

1.05.30 – Visualizing 24hr edit – write it out – 3 columns 1= write 10 x expectations, 2= edit (play over and over), 3= the next night 6-7 times out of ten edits will outcome – Practicing with gratitude – Practicing visualizing to affect hormones and brain chemistry – “you can change your DNA but you can, but you can definitely change your genetic expression using the power of thought” – Forest breathing – get amped up with negative ions – “A walk in the forest you can boost your serotonin and self-talk yourself probably to a higher serotoninergic output than an anti-depressant” – Anxiety in the moment – use the breathing 3-7-8 = In through the nose for a count of 4, hold for 7 and out through the mouth with pursed lips for a count of 8, repeat for 90 seconds – You’ll be grounded in the moment.

1.15.40 – What is grounding? “Moving from the spectrum of fight or flight, so survivalistic thought process and physiology to parasympathetic mode” – Heart rate institute Rollin Mccraty Looks at heart rate variability – “The heart has more connections to the brain than the brain has to the heart” – Heart rate variability and stress and the effects on the brain – “The more variability the in the heart the more at ease your brain is” – “Which means you are in a parasympathetic state which means you are able to relax, think, manage” – we sit in anxiety and fight and flight and our cortisol goes up – the blood goes to the working muscles – No variability in your heart tells the brain something is wrong

1.20.30 – Sleep – B6 and B12 – Take magnesium glycinate and threonate – evening dose with tryptophan – but we’re all different – Have a plan for when you wake up = use the breathing 3-7-8 technique then count back from 7 from a high number (1000)

1.24.55 – Genetics and DNA – Dr. Mansoor

1.27.30 – Environmental Toxins – Don’t be hyper-zealous but don’t be passive – Bryce follows and encourages others to look at the work Dr. Magda Havas – Dr. Devra Davis - “By the way, that’s another reason - What is our threshold and what is the tipping point – where all different – we need to create a buffer zone "– Get RO - Reverse Osmosis is a must for every house - remove the smart meter from the house, turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it – have the phone on airplane mode when on your body – Dental retainers

1.39.40 – Bryce Wylde’s – Philanthropy and extreme events have raised over 1.5 million dollars

1.41.00 – Conclusion - Latest book


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