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Cam Brown - 12 x New Zealand Ironman Champion

Cam Brown - 12 x New Zealand Ironman Champion

Episode 177 - Cam Brown - 12x New Zealand Ironman Champion, European Ironman Champion, 2x 2nd Place Hawaii Ironman, 2x 3rd Place Hawaii Ironman, Father of two mad sport boys

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In this episode of One Moment Longer with Greg Bennett, Greg is joined by an old training mate, Cam Brown.

Cam is a 12-time Ironman New Zealand Champion, he has multiple Ironman World Championship podium finishes, and continues to inspire as he competes professionally into his 50's. (note: he started the sport in the late 80s).

Cam is a professional triathlete who embodies the spirit of this show and is the definition of the show's mantra "Success comes to those who endure just one moment longer."

Two and a half years ago, in episode 57, January 2021, we delved into his remarkable journey and his wealth of experience over his illustrious career. Today, we're catching up with him to see what's new, how his perspective has evolved, and where he sees the future of triathlon.

His consistency and longevity in the sport are second to none. His endurance, tenacity, and adaptability are a testament to his enduring spirit and love for the sport.


5:56 - In his 25th Ironman New Zealand, Cam came 7th with a time of 8:42:00. Cam explains how it felt on the day to be celebrated for his past 25 years of committment to Ironman NZ.

11:36 - In 2022 Cam completed Alpe D’Huez and he explains the bike and run at altitude

21:08 - With such a long and successful career in triathlon, Greg and Cam discuss some of his most memorable and special races.

25:23 - The wind and conditions in Kona can be brutal. Cam describes some of his more challenging Kona Ironman's.

28:20 - Cam describes some of the hardest moments and bigger injuries and how they have affected his racing and training.

31:21 - Greg and Cam discuss how the prize money in the sport has changed over the decades.

36:49 - Cam explains how his training structure has changed over the years as he continues to compete into his 50's.

38:58 - Cam has trained 25 hours every week for 52 weeks a year for 30 years. The boys try and figure out how far he has swam, biked and run in the past 30 years. It adds up when you do it for a long time.

44:27 - Greg & Cam discuss drugs in Triathlon.

50:27 - Having seen and raced every generation in Triathlon, Cam names his Greatest Of All Time.

54:44 - What advice would Cam Brown give his 18 year old self?

55:53 - Which three people (non-family, living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?

58:02 - What races does Cam Brown want to compete in within the next 5 years?

59:28 - To wrap the interview up, Greg and Cam finish with a bunch of rapid fire Q&A.

  1. Toughest race you've ever competed in?

  2. Favourite post-race meal?

  3. What's your favourite training destination?

  4. Pavlova (meringue-based dessert): A Kiwi invention or an Aussie one?

  5. One book you would recommend?

  6. What's the one thing about Australia that you secretly admire?

  7. If you could go back to any decade of your life, which one would it be and why?

  8. What's the most "old person" thing you do now that you're in your 50s?

  9. Who's your favourite Australian athlete, and you can't say Greg Bennett?

1:05:06 - Interview concludes.


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