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Chris McCormack interviews Greg Bennett - 2020 Podcast Recap, Greg's Journey

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

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Chris McCormack interviews Greg Bennett - 2020 Podcast Recap, Greg's Journey

Episode 54: Chris McCormack interviews Greg Bennett - 2020 Podcast Recap, Greg's Journey

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

It’s been one year of the Greg Bennett Show, formally Be with Champions. And Greg has had the privilege to have the most wonderful conversations, with the world’s greatest athletes, coaches, doctors, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. It's simply incredible that these incredible people have been willing to come on the show and chat. Some Greg has known but many he's only come to know from these conversations. Greg is tremendously grateful to all of them for coming on and for you for listening and supporting the show.

Today’s episode is a little different, Greg is joined by a guest host, in fact, he'll ask most of the questions, former professional athlete and multiple world champion, now businessman and entrepreneur Chris McCormack. Chris like Greg is passionate about all sports and high performance. He is the CEO of the Mana sports and entertainment group, Co-founder of the Superleague Triathlon series, the President of the Bahrain 13 endurance team. He was on episode 8 of the show and an episode you really should go check out.

In this episode, Greg and Chris discuss this podcast, review the year and many of the episodes, and then due to several requests, look at Greg's journey and process into the world of endurance sport and why he's doing what he's doing.

Greg discusses some of the highlights of the episodes in year 1, and who he'd love to get on the show, and where he'd like the show to go. Greg describes his journey in the sport and gradually finding his strengths and taking control of his life. Greg and Chris conclude by discussing the fundamentals of high performance. Together they share many stories of the past and their shared journeys.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.30 - Sponsors

5.00 - Start to show – Introduction

5.58 - General chit-chat

8.30 - Podcasts

9.40 - Favorite 2020 episodes of the Greg Bennett Show

18.00 - Who else Greg wants on - Getting more woman on

19.50 - Tennis players - Are they the greatest?

21.50 - Favorite Tennis players - Playing Tennis

25.00 - Getting more Australians on the show - Ky Hurst

27.30 - Learning the show - Taking it to a day-in-the-life-of show

28.30 - Rich Roll podcast

30.00 - Listening to the podcast

31.30 - Greg's Career - How did Greg find the sport - 14-year-old 1986 Nepean Triathlon - Balmoral Triathlon Club - the late 80s - Batemans Bay Triathlon - Nike Series - Tooheys Blue Triathlon Series - "Imposter Syndrome" - Being thrust in the spotlight - Wellington NZ World Championships

46.40 - When Greg realized he was talented - Little pats on the back - 1996 things really started to click - Cleveland World Championships 4th - 1997 was both Greg and Macca's breakthrough year - Flughafen Hahn Australian training camp in 1997

54.40 - Greg taking control of his career - Meeting Laura and falling in love - Athens Olympics 4th

1.02.00 - Seven Fundamentals - Relationships (Team) - Greg's Mum built her team - Greg's team = Family, Chiropractors Alex Keith, Ted Forcum, Marcos Majeis, Christine Bell, Duncan Cosby -

1.07.00 - Learning how to win - Opportunity came Greg's way and he aligned that with work and talent - - Mental Strategies - Visualizing - Reduce the noise - Affirmations

1.14.00 - 2006-2007 series - Greg steps through the 2007 series - Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas

1.21.00 - Greg became a runner - Physical training - Arthur Lydiard - 20 miles (32km) run -

1.25.00 - The next generation - They just keep getting better - Greg and Macca's last race in Kitzbuhel in 2011 WTS - Alistair Brownlee-belief in self -

1.30.00 - The other fundamentals - General health Supplements Continual G, Vit D, Vit C, Athletic Greens, Shakti Mat - Bodywork and Biomechanics - Hyperice

1.35.00 - First 15 rugby team from Triathlons - changing body shape -

1.36.30 - Gregs win in Hyvee 2011 - 88 corners Shimano gear - Altitude tent - Greg's training in Boulder

1.42.30 - The other fundamentals - Nutrition, Sleep, and Recovery

1.43.00 - Other guests Greg should have - Sally Fitzgibbons Australian surfer, Orla Walsh Irish Cyclist, Skype Nicholson Australian Boxer and Model

1.47.00 - Conclusion - Dan Macpherson and entertainers


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