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Christian Schauf - Serial adventurer, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Christian Schauf - Serial adventurer, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Episode 108 - Christian Schauf - Founder & CEO, Uncharted Supply Company

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg chats to friend and entrepreneur, Christian Schauf. Dan is one of the most requested guests. He appeared on episode 50 and 77 of TGBS, so be sure to go add those to your playlist.

Christian's journey to date is extraordinary. Building several successful startups, from apple cider, to outdoor extreme event companies, to survival gear, to heading up a successful touring rockband. He’s also led marketing campaigns for several large international brands, including Harley-Davidson and GoPro.

His newest venture is the Unchartered Supply company.

Unchartered, as quoted on their website is “Gear to get you out there and all the way back.”

Unchartered has exploded over the past few years. The Business started in November of 2016. In 2017 the core product the Seventy2 was featured & kicked ass on the TV show “Shark Tank.” The Seventy2 has been featured in the likes of TIME, Outside Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and The Wall Street Journal. Customers have included government organizations such as the CIA and FBI, as well as companies like Nike, Warner Brothers and Airbnb.

Listen to why he decided to create the most comprehensive 72-hour survival system on the market.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0:00 - Introduction to show.

4:46 - You moved to Park City… how has the move been? Are you planning on staying?

6:04 - Christian is the ultimate outdoors man ... he talks through the wild ride from beginning to now. Christian grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where we had clones, a biodiesel plant, and thousands of acres of crops. He played in a band around the world for a decade and traveled to Iraq 40 times ... he even had his 30th birthday party in Sadaam’s bedroom.

10:48 - The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter - Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self.

11:20 - We are in the softest of times and people are trying to 'harden' themselves up more and more. Humans always tend to trend towards easy ... People are living more urban lives, dependent on technology and simply not getting the experiences needed to handle unforeseen emergencies. This, coupled with a rise in emergencies related to population growth, climate change, political unrest and more, and there is a greater need than ever to help people through those situations where they are on their own.

18:39 - Christian gives some real perspective about a 'hard day' after meeting several US Troops in Iraq.

18:04 - One of Christians fav quotes is, "Life is not a dress rehearsal'. He explains his journey as a musician, touring with Prince, then touring through Iraq.

22:59 - From being named Armed Forces Entertainer of the Year by the Pentagon for his time entertaining troops at some of the most dangerous bases in Iraq (he made more than 40 visits over eight years) to surviving a few life or death situations, Christian Schauf initially had the vision for the Seventy2 while sitting in traffic in LA after a light rain shower. He wondered: ‘If a light rain can stop traffic, what happens if an earthquake hits? Would I be prepared to not only help myself but those around me? Would the people around me be prepared?

25:12 - How do you consciously control the fear knowing each day might present a 'real' life or death situation?

29:18 - Uncharted Supply Company was founded to prepare any adventurer for unexpected survival situations. Situations that occur everyday, like earthquakes, floods, or even power outages. Christian Schauf started the company after driving through Colorado in the middle of a blizzard and seeing dozens of hapless motorists stranded on the side of the highway, hunkering down for a long, cold night. Though rescue teams were surely on the way, they were at the mercy of Mother Nature until those teams arrived.

There had to be a better way.

He couldn’t find an easy solution, so he created one: The SEVENTY2™ Survival System. A 72-hour survival kit that anybody could use in the event of a dangerous situation. Expert-tested and expert approved, out of this system Uncharted Supply Company was born. Now we are a team of adventurers and philanthropists bent on taking the worst case scenario and turning it into a somewhat-unpleasant-but-survivable scenario.

33:30 - What is the 'why' for Uncharted Supply Co.? Our vision is to empower humans on a large scale, and build communities ready to open doors and help neighbors when tough times arise.

46:39 - Shark Tank - Tell us about the Shark Tank experience and how that affected your Uncharted Supply business. "Our launch on Indiegogo was a meaningful moment that let me know my idea was on point. Shark Tank took things up an entire new level, but I’m most proud of our team’s ability to build products, market them, and make a profit without any big exposure moments. We are building a brand that people trust, respect and love."

54:34 - When the COVID pandemic hit, talk us through how it affected and changed the business.

58:41 - Uncharted is no longer only an online shop ... you've now transitioned to retail stores across the country, tell us how that came about and how it's connected more customers to Uncharted products.

01:00:06 - What is Christian's favourite product? - The Zeus - A portable jump starter & USB charger.

01:05:10 - What traits are you looking for in people when you are employing them?

01:10:04 - Surrounding yourself with great people is important in every aspect of our lives. How and who have you surrounded yourself in the entrepreneurial space as you navigate the business journey?

01:16:40 - Conclude - Don't be the huge-fat rhino on a bike hill ride with Greg Bennett!

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