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Craig Alexander (5-time World Champion) joins Greg to discuss how Triathlon has evolved over 40 yrs

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Craig Alexander (5-time World Champion) joins Greg to discuss how Triathlon has evolved over 40 yrs

Episode 60: Craig Alexander (5-time World Champion) joins Greg to discuss how Triathlon has evolved over 40 yrs

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful conversation with Craig Alexander (Crowie).

Craig was Greg's very first guest on The Greg Bennett Show well over a year ago. He’s been a good mate of Greg's for 25 plus years. They’ve logged thousands of miles together in training and they’ve had some fun battles in races around the world. Greg has taken enormous pleasure in watching his incredible success over the years - his 5 world titles and his relentless pursuit and perseverance to become the champion he is.

They’ve done 5-hour rides and there’s rarely a moment of silence between them. They’ve shared coffee and beers, and plenty of laughs. Greg's not sure he can think of a better man to have a long conversation about anything and everything.

This is simply two mates sharing some stories, their thoughts on the world of Triathlon and how it’s changed over 30+ years, and some off-topic random discussion as well.

In this episode, Craig and Greg discuss the early years at Balmoral Triathlon club in Sydney and how they use to sleep in their cars before races and wait for the barrel draws to win meat packs, and how they always worked jobs to simply try to stay afloat to get to the next race.

Greg and Craig discuss who is the greatest Triathlete of all time. How races have changed and how equipment changes have impacted the sport.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.10 - Sponsors

3.55 - Start to show – Introduction

4.50 - General chit-chat - Covid in Sydney, Australia in 2020 - Craig's career in Triathlon is winding down - focussing on enjoyment and fun - Loving being an ambassador at events - Missing social interaction - March 12 is Challenge Miami - Cam Brown Racing until 50 -

10.00 - Ironman New Zealand - All Kiwis Cam Brown, Mike Philips, Braden Currie

11.00 - Is Craig retired? Keeping the door ajar - finding the passion to win the events in the world - The pack that Craig had with Chris Legh, Craig Walton - "Don't embarrass yourself"

15.30 - Greg and Craig met in 93 at the Deakin Health Spa in Canberra - Balmoral Triathlon Club - Races everywhere in the 90s - 1994 professionalism came in the sport - Living out the back of the car - Craig never brought a pump - The Thredbo Australian camp at the end of 96 - Craigs first 1/2 Ironman - Belinda Granger invited her to stay - The Tooheys Blue Grand Prix in Australia was revolutionary - Craig's job at Rebel Sport - why Craig lost his job at Rebel? Greg's job at Sizzler and why he lost his job there - Balmoral Triathlon Club - Simon Whitfield, Darren Carnell and the coach Rob Higley (Guru) - Thursday night track sessions - Saturday morning sessions at Centennial Park - the Crash

29.50 - Triathlon the greatest athletes of all-time - Recency bias - A champion would be a champion in all eras - At their best what were they like? - Who did you have to beat - Michellie Jones - various distances - Drafting, non-drafting world champion, Xterra World Champion - specific training and how the sport has changed - how fast they are going now compared to Greg and Craig's career - Wellington World Champs in 1994, Spencer Smith - Simon Lessing - Jacob Birtwhistle - elite athletes from a young age

43.20 - Midroll advertisement

44.00 - Game Changers - Javier Gomez - The guys that have stepped the sport up - Alistair Brownlee - Jan Frodeno - Olympics 2008

47.30 - Thoughts on Jan Frodeno and his 7.52 hr in Kona - Professionalism

48.30 - The woman the Game Changes - Daniella Ryf, Nicola Spirig, Chriss Wellington, Flora Duffy, Emma Snowsill, Gwen Jorgensen - Chrissy Wellington and her final race

53.30 - Triathlon equipment - Shoes - Nike 4% and Hoka one-one - carbon plate and the cushion - "it became enjoyable to run again" - Bikes and how they've changed - how carbon has changed - Bearings, chains, wheels, tires - the set up of the Triathletes now are incredibly aerodynamic - it's changed over 15 years - 2009 superbikes started

1.01.30 - Wearable devices - Apollo Neuro "primes your nervous system" - We were cynics but science and tech have caught up - Form swim goggles - helps with technical cues - power meters using them sometimes not all-time - Andreas Raelert would put the SRM under the seat so he didn't have to watch

1.09.00 - Recovery tools - Normatec compression Gilad Jacobs - Hyperice

1.10.20 - Sleep, Functional movement, massage - Chilipad, Shakti pad - Dr. Dan Plews, sound machine, EMF blanket, earplugs

1.14.30 - Dry Needling - Christine Bell - Crowie shares his stories - Greg shares his stories -

1.16.00 - Mindful strategies - getting to neutral - being present - gratitude - attitude is everything - self-talk - what you say to yourself directly influences who you are - "progress over perfection"

1.21.00 - Sports - what would you want to go see - Craig would have loved to watch the Super Bowl - Tom Brady - High-performance life - "His journey never ends" - Soccer is Craig's first love and Liverpool is his team - Craig Johnson who played for Liverpool influenced by Craig - Tennis and the Australian - Michael Jordan documentary - Jordan was ruthless - train up who they had not to trade - "I appreciate all the high performers" - Jordan took the sport globally - Jordan's relationships with his team - Greg shares his thoughts on Tennis - who is the greats - the top three

1.33.00 - 2021 what does it look like? Hopefully some travel to races - Sansego camps - Professional Triathlon team Vespa motorcycles and international team

1.36.30 Conclude - Get back to Australia - TV commercial for Sth Korean soft drink commercial with Greg Welch


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