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Craig 'Crowie' Alexander & Simon Whitfield

Craig Alexander - 5 time Ironman World Champion & Simon Whitfield - Olympic Gold (and silver) medalist

Episode 129: Craig Alexander & Simon Whitfield

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In today's episode I have a conversation with two of the greatest athletes in the world ... and honestly, two of the best men I know.

One of them dominated the world of 70.3 and Ironman with 3 Kona Ironman and two 70.3 world titles and arguably the greatest career in the middle distance Triathlon, with more wins at that distance than anyone else. Add to that his impressive short course wins at Minneapolis, Chicago and many others and you can see why I hold him in such awe.

The other has one of the greatest Olympic careers we’re ever seen. Four Olympics, a Gold medal at the first ever Olympic Triathlon and Silver medal 8 years later. Known for his powerful sprint he also took the biggest prize money wins at the Hyvee and Life Time Minneapolis.

Personally, I watched from the very beginning as both of them started their careers as young men. Neither of them were remarkable to start but they chipped away to become icons of the sport that we all love.

I’ve spent thousands of hours training with them both. We’ve crashed, and we’ve had podiums on the world stage ... we’ve shared the highs and lows of sport and life together.

They’ve both been on the show separately, but this is a first for the three of us.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4:14 - What was unique about Balmoral Triathlon Club and why we all thought it was 'awesome'.

7:25 - A wonderful story of the three lads doing a team time trial around Centennial park in Sydney ... who's fault was it for the crash right on the 60 minute buzzer?

9:56 - From one crash ... to another. Simon recalls a spectacular crash in Geelong where Greg tried to (at the last minute) bunny-hop his bike over his fallen mate. Only to slice him open with his bike chain.

19:31 - In reflection how do three young men look back on their early triathlon careers ... some wonderful stories and memories.

23:40 - A lesson in how to speak 'athlete'.

24:27 - A subtle plug for our show sponsor -

26:26 - To an elite athlete ... there is no 'Plan B'. You are 'all-in'. The lads describe what this means in each of their eyes. Fascinating!!!

30:23 - The guys talk about some of the toughest times in their careers. Inspiring!!!

40:26 - After going through everything that you've been through, what would you tell your 17 year old self?

46:31 - The lads discuss how Triathlon has progressed, grown and become the elite sport it is today.

54:13 - So who is the GOAT?

01:00:23 - Some rapid fire questions (and answers) to wrap up this amazing conversation between 3 incredibly talented athletes.

Books that the boys are reading;

01:04:30 - One final story that will leave you laughing from Craig about a trip to Tokyo that changed his life (and vocal chords) forever.

01:06:25 - Conversation concludes.


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