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Dr. Dan Plews 2nd Edition- Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Dr. Dan Plews 2nd Edition- Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

Episode 75 - Dr. Dan Plews 2nd Edition- Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, I have the brilliant Dr. Dan Plews return to the show. I was so blown away by this man, I had to bring him on the show again. We had a brilliant conversation when he was on 6 months ago, in Episode 50. If you haven’t listened to this episode, I highly recommend you add it to your playlist.

He’s a doctor of exercise physiology, and coach and founder of endure IQ, father of two, and add to that he’s the current overall age group Ironman World Championship course record holder.

He’s one of the world’s greatest minds in endurance sports. He has practical and personal experience, and he has "the" Science.

In today's episode, Dan discusses the importance of managing Heart Rate Variability and Blood Glucose levels to support overall health and performance, and what we can do specifically to optimize both of them.

He discusses the ideal exercise program for someone training for health and longevity and someone who is training for specific performance.

We end the episode discussing heat therapy and cold plunges and conclude with some fun rapid-fire questions.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4.10 - Introduction to Dan

4.50 - General chit-chat - Emirates New Zealand winning the Americas Cup team - Dan's Professional Ironman athletes success's, Jan Van Berkel "B grade Pro" Dan questions that - "His improvement has been massive" - He had poor fat metabolism - he has changed that over years, he's almost doubled it - that means he can do 30 less gel on the bike - Time to adjust to fat metabolism - 1 to 3 years to see greatly improved substrate use - Super Sapiens device to Measure Blood Glucose levels

14.20 - Fat metabolism - measuring blood glucose - race day versus overall health - "On race day use your body like a rental car"

16.40 - Transitioning from focussing on glucose to fat - Exogenous carbohydrate stores are what you take during the race endogenous stored energy - certain intensities require different levels of carbohydrate - a professional athlete who can push far more wattages on the bike will need more carbohydrates than an amateur pushing fewer watts - Lionel Sanders does not have great fat metabolism

23.15 - Monitoring athletes and their fat metabolism -Terenzo Bozzone and Chelse Sadaro - Dan looks at an athletes energy efficiency - then you can decide if fat metabolism is a concern - understanding sub max heart, Javier Gomez pre-Olympic workout

30.30 - Athletes getting ready for major events - Womans NZ Kyack Olympic team - Endurae IQ Training squad (150 members), Dan Coaches 1:1, 6 people including Ed Baker

32.35 - - beta version - Triathlon learning training platform using Heart rate Variability and perceived effort - Launches in September - Using the camera phone HRV - It gives you training load score - Focusses on training load, cross-check with HRV - Put in your numbers - threshold power, etc and your race goal - Facebook group

43.30 - Zwift - Endure IQ group session Thursday morning 7.30 am NZ time

45.00 - Heart Rate Variability - Heart rate variability HRV - HRV measures the autonomic nervous system Sympathetic (Fight or flight) and Parasympathetic (recovery/ relaxed) nervous system - our heartbeat is always variable - less variability is sympathetic and high HRV is more parasympathetic - HRV guided training - When is it good to have a low HRV? Generally higher HRV have a better likelihood of longevity. Impacting HRV = Exercise low and high intensity = sleep, work/life balance, meditation, breathing, gratitude journaling. Apollo Neuro - Dr. Maroon - using HRV - using touch to effect HRV - "10 hugs a day for at least 20 seconds"

54.00 - Super Sapiens - Blood Glucose monitoring - CGB measure blood glucose in your arm - used for training, recovery, and fueling - Understanding your blood glucose - Health outcomes - normal health less than 90 with a variance of 15 - Higher intensity the more blood glucose spike - Dan discusses the appropriate blood glucose levels - timing the number of carbohydrates to affect Blood Glucose in training and racing - Fueling for performance = "depends on what you're trying to achieve" - How do generics affect your Blood Glucose Levels - Sit below the threshold for 1.5 to 2hrs (240 watts for an athlete with reasonable fitness) - "You can't manage what you can't measure"

1.07.40 - Training for health - Health and Longevity - why do we age and what's important for health NAD - anything you can do to upregulate your NAD will improve longevity - 1. Exercise (create energy deficit) 2. Fasting 3. Reduce inflammation - You need to challenge your energy - you need to mix your training - a six-day a week program would be 4 days of low-intensity exercise and two days of high intensity - adding strength training

1.16.00 - Heat and cold therapy - Sauna and Ice cold plunge - Dan prefers a dry sauna over infrared - 80 degrees celsius is 180 Fahrenheit - Can reduce inflammation - upregulate proteins - cardiovascular health - 6 times a week reducing cardiovascular disease by 40% - It's something Dan can do with his wife Kate - when to cool the body after sauna - Cold affect blood glucose and HRV - and white fat to blood fat (could affect weight reductions)


1. As an established world-leading coach, sports scientist, and physiologist - What advice would you give to new coaches or startup entrepreneurs? Be patient and don't stress about what the worse could be.

2. If you could sit and have a coffee with any living person, who would it be and why? Granddad and Grandma - Tim Ferris book 4hr work week

Quickfire question

1. What were you doing right before this conversation? Coffee, Sauna, and cold plunge

2. Last book you read? - what is your business about - for Dan that is creating content

4. What’s the largest animal you could wrestle to the floor? "My Cat"

5. Outside of coaching and being a sports physiologist what would you do for a day? Comic Book Drawer

6. Which decade of music is the best? "80's" Phil Collins, Elton John "'90s is also really good.

7. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? A Liger

8. Proudest moment of your life? Kids - you need an amazing partner


What's next - Coaching courses - Launching new course - and just launched a course on HRV


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