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Dr. Dan Plews - Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Dr. Dan Plews - Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

Episode 50: Dr. Dan Plews - Sports Scientist, Athlete, Coach, Founder of Endure IQ

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has an entertaining and insightful conversation with Dr. Dan Plews.

Dr. Dan Plews is a Doctor of exercise physiology, a world champion Ironman athlete and coach, and founder of endureIQ. His athletic accomplishments are extraordinary. He won the 2018 Age Group Ironman World Championship, was the 1st non-professional athlete to finish, and set an age-group world record of 8hrs 24mins. What’s incredible about that, is he did that whilst still working full-time as a sports scientist and coach. He’s worked with professional Triathletes Tim Van Berkel, Jan Van Berkel, Caroline Steffen, and Terenzo Bozzone and the list goes on, and the New Zealand America’s Cup sailing team. He's one of the world’s greatest minds in endurance sports. He has the practical, personal experience and he has the science. In this episode, Dan describes everything there is to know about HRV (Heart Rate variability). He discusses LCHF (Low Carbohydrate, High "Healthy" Fat) diets. And he discusses how he coaches his athletes by first looking at the event and what it takes to be successful in that event, the individual and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and then what training best fits. Dan shares some entertaining stories of some of the training of the power athletes in the team Emirates New Zealand Americas Cup crew. And how a 4min time trial for men that are raw power... may have been too far. This episode, had Greg laughing at times and then jotting down incredible knowledge at others.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.38 - Sponsors

5.08 - Start to show – Introduction

5.57 - General chit-chat

6.42 - Finding a passion for endurance sports in the early 90s - thinking about being a professional athlete - National youth champion in 1999 - Watching Greg at the Sydney World Cup -

11.07 - Transitioning from athlete to Coaching - Growing up in Yorkshire and starting as an assistant coach with Jack Maitland (Alistair Brownlee's coach at the time) - Training partner with Paul Amey - went to Leeds and got into his master of exercise physiology

14.30 - Influencers - moved from Leeds to Singapore as a Triathlon coach then sports council as Singapore sports council - started a triathlon team - met Paul Lawson and went to HP New Zealand - Dan went with him - then Dan worked with NZ rowing for 8 years and finished his PhD

18.00 - Mixing up various sports - Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Triathlon, Cycling

19.00 - Paul Lawson working with Simon Whitfield

19.45 - 2018 Kona Ironman performance - Terezo Bozzone training partner to the worlds best - 2015 Dan raced Kona for the first time (incredibly hot day) - after that day Dan believed he could win the age group at Kona - 2017 Dan had his first child - he qualified for Kona but didn't take his spot - Worked with Terenzo to his 6th place at Kona - In 2018 Dan prepared for Kona with family support - Did 8.35 course record at NZ Ironman with a 2.52 marathon - "When you train with someone you coach its a really beneficial relationship, you can feel, you know when they're tired just from the way they're warming up, the way they're pedaling, the way they answer the phone" - Terenzo's crash in 2018 - Camps in May in September with Terenzo - managing a stress fracture in the sacrum - "Every misfortune presents an opportunity" - the day before the race Dan found out he had a healing stress fracture - Splits for the Kona - 54 min swim, 4.32 bike, 2.50 marathon run (10k splits - 38, 41, 39, 40) - 5th fastest marathon

33.00 - Heart rate variability HRV - HRV measures the autonomic nervous system Sympathetic (Fight or flight) and Parasympathetic (recovery/ relaxed) nervous system - our heartbeat is always variable - less variability is sympathetic and high HRV is more parasympathetic - HRV guided training - "I look at 10-day rolling averages for my athletes" - Sleep, diet and the everyday variables have an effect on the HRV - "The state that you present yourself to a training session, your HRV, your motivation, your willingness, your excitement, affects the way you do that training session" - "If you're ready to do a session if you're happy and motivated then you're getting more training adaptation from it" - "You can affect HRV through breathing" - when you exhale breathing you put yourself into parasympathetic - Dan is reading a recommends Breath by James Nestor - the importance of breathing properly - mantras in prayer - the healing powers of prayer

44.00 - Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet LCHF - EndureIQ courses "Low Carb Healthy fat diet" - Ketogenic diet is less than 50 grams of carbs a day - Low carb diet is under 150 grams a day -

50.00 - managing the day to day athlete and their dietary needs for given workouts - "So many people try to do a low carb diet and everyone does it wrong" - Endure IQ offer courses - If you're someone who struggles with bonking a lot or massive Gastrointestinal issues, or trains all the time but not be very lean then that who the course is for" - Lowing carb and fasting doesn't work - "In males, if you're more than 400 calories in deficit per day, you have reductions in testosterone and other functions for High-intensity exercise"

54.00 - Dr. Tommy Wood - "Loss of machinery in ketosis" - Ancestral health - "One diet does not fit everyone" - DNA Genetics - Adam Story is an expert in the area but doesn't believe we're there yet - The differences in rowing for the same time but aerobic and anaerobic differences

1.02.00 - Working with specific athletes - Starts with understanding what will win the event - What is the athlete and what are there strengths and weaknesses - then building what is the right training for that athlete - 4 watts per kg is entry level for a male pro

1.06.30 - Coach verse exercise physiologist for the various sports

1.08.00 - The Americas Cup - The foil boats - The grinders - the Bermuda Americas Cup had cycling as the grinder - Workouts for the grinders on the Americas Cup 5 by 30-sec effort, 8 minutes rest - "They go over the lactate reader - they hit 25+, an endurance athlete is usually between 1-5 - early selecting was 10sec, 30 sec and 4 minute Time trial - "I've changed the testing now"

1.17.00 - Cambridge New Zealand - Greg's brother is the Chaplain at St. Peters school that has a velodrome, golf course,

1.18.30 - The 100km MTB race in Rotarua - "My down hilling is diabolical"

1.21.30 - The pain of parenting

1.22.00 - General wellbeing and supplements - Resverasol (like an antioxidant) - NMN - probiotics and a multivitamin - Vitamin D - "Omega 3 when I need it" - Magnesium glycinate for sleep - Magnesium threanate

1.28.45 - "The three big pillars for recovery - Nutrition, training periodization, and sleep" - Sleep - Dan uses and recommends a for pre-sleep

1.32.00 - Greg and Dan discuss a 50th birthday endurance event - the race across America

1.32.40 - Conclusion


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