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Dr. Luke Bennett - Managing Director of Sports at Hintsa Performance

Dr. Luke Bennett - Managing Director of Sports at Hintsa Performance

Episode Name: Dr. Luke Bennett - Managing Director of Sports at Hintsa Performance

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Dr. Luke Bennett. Luke is the Managing Director of Sports at Hintsa Performance, where he develops and manages the performance and medical programs for the FIA Formula 1 World Championships. Through his work at Hintsa Performance, he has an incredible winning record for racers competing in Formula 1 World Drivers Championships and Constructors Championships.

Together Greg and Luke discuss how Luke became involved in the world of auto racing and his background in emergency medical training. Luke shares about his career with Hintsa Performance and the tools he has learned to create successful motorsport athletes. Luke goes into detail about the physical, mental, and emotional requirements of a world-traveling racer. Luke talks about the tools he has developed to help racers to succeed.

[01:10] Greg introduces guest Dr. Luke Bennett, the Managing Director of Sports at Hintsa Performance, where Luke develops and manages the performance and medical programs for the FIA Formula 1 World Championships.

[3:17] While Luke is only home approximately 40 days a year, he describes how he keeps up his high-performance job at Formula 1.

[5:19} Luke describes his upcoming year and the 22 race schedule for 2020, as well as the recent release of the racing documentary Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

[9:51] With Luke’s job position he is able to work with and support all the Formula 1 racers. He discusses how he stays unbiased while working with all the racing teams.

[12:25] Luke shares how he became involved in the world of motorsports and the first time he watched the Australian Grand Prix. With his interest in medicine in college, he found a way to merge both of his passions, motorsports, and medicine. He also shares his exciting emergency medical experiences with the Royal Fighting Doctor Service of Australia.

[27:25] Luke discusses how he became involved in Australian motor racing by assisting in emergency and trauma scenarios. Dr. Aki Hintsa was an influential physician for Formula 1, who Luke studied under before being given his current role.

[34:45] Luke shares the expertise needed in business, sports, and medicine.

[37:58] Luke talks about how he keeps control and a system in place while he and the drivers are traveling the world. The use of sports sciences and other specialists help to keep team members in top physical condition. Health and performance coaches also help racers build a foundation of identity, purpose, and control.

[48:28] Greg and Luke discuss the sleep schedules needed to keep the world traveling team members on track throughout the year. Luke explains the use of Aura rings and other monitoring systems.

[58:30] Luke shares the nutrition of a motorsport athlete before, during, and after a race. He says a diet is adapted specifically to the athlete. The industry has grown more flexible regarding the weight of the driver, which has helped enforce a healthier lifestyle.

[01:05:37] Luke talks about both the physical fitness training and the physical demand required for a driver.

[01:12:07] Greg and Luke discuss the mental strategy of a motorsports driver and the mental energy required throughout a season.

[01:16:34] While working at Hintsa, Luke explains his work with other sports and athletes, as well as corporate CEOs.

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