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Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, A pioneer & authority in the fields of genomics & personalized medicine

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, A pioneer & authority in the fields of genomics & personalized medicine

Episode 36: Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, A pioneer & authority in the fields of genomics & personalized medicine

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed. Dr. Mansoor is a pioneer and a recognized authority in the fields of medical genomics and personalized medicine.

Together Greg and Dr. Mansoor discuss how Dr. Mansoor started in Functional genomics. Dr. Mansoor describes what the DNA and the genes represent and how he reads them from person to person.

Our genes can be expressed or optimized by our lifestyle choices.

Dr. Mansoor dissects Greg's recent DNA results. Greg is a mixed bag... as we all are of incredible genes in some areas and less than optimal in others.

Greg's ability to deal with oxidative stress - Greg's glutathione levels are in the top 2% of the world

Greg has a deficit of dopamine

Greg not a very androgenized individual

Greg scores very well with vascular health and has low chance of dementia and alzheimers

Greg neutralizes noradrenaline very quickly, much faster than the normal person

Greg is at extreme risk of sub optimal Vitamin D


4.25 - Introduction

6.00 - How Dr Mansoor started in functional genomics - DNA is the coding material for the operations (genes) - Understanding the language of DNA "DNA is a language" - Mastering this language you need vocabulary in this case you need to understand Genes - Then you need the grammar and how these Genes come together

12 - What The DNA Company does different

12.45 - How Greg got in touch with Dr. Mansoor - Describing Laura's report

14.30 - Laughing about a dating app

15.20 - Using DNA for high performance sport - "What would make a good athlete" - work at RedBull with their performance athletes - the focus for Dr. Mansoor has been health

18.00 - Greg's report

19.10 - Tell tale scripts of high performance athletes - some things Dr. Mansoor predicted were correct and some were different

20.00 - First Point - Had Greg not found sport he would have had some "down in the blues" and addictive tendency's - the science for this are - Extreme oxidative stress is an indicator of high performing athletes - Greg has great efficiency in dealing with oxidants - Greg's glutathione genes are in the top 2% of the world "in the elite of the elite" - "Glutathion-ization is the cells most important anti-oxidative pathways, period"

27.00 - Second point - Greg and Extreme sports athletes have deficit of dopamine - produce and bind dopamine - then your brains enzymes removes - Greg has a sparse amount of receptors for his dopamine in the brain - Different types of enzymes break down the dopamine - Greg has the fastest enzymes, so he removes dopamine rapidly - "Greg will not do something he is passionate about by halves, he will go all the way" - "Greg has a need for the more extreme not the ordinary" - It is common amongst extreme endurance athletes

35.00 - What can Greg do about it? - Intuitive adaptation = Greg found it in sport - Gambling and addiction - Nutrient SAMe (S Adenosel methione) (used in europe for depression) - "SAMe seams to stabilize and make more efficient the presence of dopamine where it matters, I.e. in the brain in the nucleus cumbrance" -

39.50 - We all have a mixture of genes - "Everything in your genetics that you can think of that might be perceived as a negative (for the most part) there is going to be ying-yang, there is going to be positivity" "There is a reason these genes have been around for millennial, if they were all bad and no benefit to human being they would not have lasted"

41.00 - Third point - Dr. Mansoor would have sworn all High Performance athletes would have had this in high amounts "If I was a betting man I would have lost my shirt" - "Greg's musculature is a use it or lose it" - Greg's genetic profile is not a very androgenized individual - Testosterone is slow (normal) in Greg - Greg's testosterone receptors to cells are also slow (normal) - Greg is not at the extreme end of producing testosterone - The type of exercise that you do makes the cells express more docking stations for the androgen receptors - Weight bearing exercises - Power lifting, deadlifts, squats - Big muscle groups are key especially as we age

56.05 - Fourth point - Vascular health - Greg does stand out in this area with Health and Longevity - apoe gene (most studied gene in alzheimers) - There are 4 versions to this gene. You don;t want version 4, version 3 is normal and version 2 is rare - Greg has the extremely rare combination of version 2-3 you this is very good for vascular health and decreasing the chance of dementia and alzheimers - Greg scores very well

1.00.00 - Fifth point - Brain-derived neurotrophic factor- BDNF gene - Greg is somewhere in the middle, not super slow or fast - Greg needs to keep his brain Neuroplastic - For brain trauma or concussions take - Creatine and Toco Trienols (E3s) (fraction of Vit E family) - Behavioral differences between Greg and Laura - 1.07.00 - Noradrenaline - Greg neutralizes noradrenaline very quickly, much faster than the normal person - Greg also decentralizes noradrenaline much the same the the Dopamine - "This is one of the things associated with sociopaths"

1.09.00 - Sixth Point - extreme risk of sub optimal Vitamin D - Greg flourishes in the sun light, but is not his best self without the sun - Greg has the slowest version of the enzyme to convert into vitamin D - Then Greg's vitamin D is transported slowly - rate, efficiency to transport and uptake Vitamin D are all at the lower end

1.15.30 - How do the genes work between families?

1.19.00 - Conclusion and closing remarks


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