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Dr. Tommy Wood - Health, Performance & Longevity in the Real World

Dr. Tommy Wood - Health, Performance & Longevity in the Real World

Episode 30: Dr. Tommy Wood - Health, Performance & Longevity in the Real World

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Dr. Tommy Wood.

Together Greg and Dr. Wood discuss his most recent paper - Metabolic health and lifestyle medicine should be a cornerstone of future pandemic preparedness. They look at diet, frequent movement, maintaining good body composition, sleep, stress management, and proper social engagement. They also discuss the importance of athletes not overtraining during this pandemic and focussing on recovery and supporting immunity and focussing on Vitamin D.

Greg and Dr. Wood discuss the benefits of Hot Cold treatment. The timing of each is critical depending on what you are hoping to achieve.

Dr. Wood suggests real food as the only thing to focus on - Grass-fed and finished meats, wild fish, and organic non-GMO fruits and veggies. He also suggests testing blood glucose levels before and after meals to track ho your body responds to certain foods. Dr. Wood also discusses the benefits of time restrictive eating.

When it comes to supplementation Dr. Wood strongly suggests we all supplement with Creatine and Vitamin D if needed. Athletes should also consider Zinc (and therefor Copper). See Timestamps for details on quantities.

Greg and Dr. Wood discuss Caffeine and the benefits depending on how and why you use it. They discuss sleep and how to optimize it even if you're like Greg and your tendency to overheat.

Finally, Greg and Dr. Wood discuss managing head trauma and concussions and strokes (see time stamps). And, they finish with the impact of visualizing and the effects on the body's hormones and physical responses. See the link below for the youtube presentation by Dr. Brian Walsh on Thought Driven physiology.

Check below for the timestamps and some great quotes.


6.00 Introduction

8.00 Winding the clock back – who is Dr. Tommy Wood?

16.30 – Multiple sclerosis – eliminating all damaging exposures – stress reduction and diet – Dr. Terry Wahls got rid of her own MS

20.00 – Dr. Tommy Woods paper Metabolic health and lifestyle medicine should be a cornerstone of future pandemic preparedness – Thoughts on how this pandemic has been handled – “The public was seeing the scientific process in real-time” - Obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, and hypertension are incredible precursors – “Making sure you’re in the best Metabolic Health is the best things you can do” –diet, maintaining good body composition, frequent movement, sleep, stress management, proper social engagement (having people not be socially isolated has a big effect on immune function) – These all come under the umbrella of lifestyle medicine – Watch out for overtraining

29.00 – Training recommendations during this Covid-19 pandemic – moderate volume – use this time to focus on recovery

31.40 – Less than 10% of Americans are metabolically healthy

34.00 – Chorological age verse Biological and immunity age

38.40 – Vitamin D in preparation for next pandemic – Debate between Rhonda Patrick and Chris Masterjohn – Measure between 30-40 – best from the sunlight – for athletes slightly above 40 is better – Sunglasses for vitamin D “sunlight through eyes”

45.40 – Movement – frequent and gentle 6mins workouts throughout through the day best for blood glucose control

48.50 – Hot/ Cold therapy – 15min ice baths at 12 celsius (50 f) – timing around exercise is important – Sauna after exercise can improve it/ cold may blunt responses

57.00 – Nutrition for performance – Test your blood sugar occasionally – avoid the big spikes – are you eating enough? – Protein for endurance athletes – Quality of your fats is important

1.02.10 – Thoughts on diets – “Eat Real Food” – Time-restricted eating (Intermittent fasting)

“If you can, try to eat within a 10hr window but don’t sacrifice this for family time”

1.08.30 – Supplementation – “I would suggest a good multi-vitamin” Thorne is a good brand

Maybe some Zinc and Copper and a little Vitamin D - “I would really recommend Creatine, I think everyone should take Creatine – it’s cheap, well researched, safe, it has multiple benefits for the brain and benefits for resistance & strength training” – Neuroprotective (strokes or getting hit by a car) – take .05grams per kilo – (I.e. 100kg take 5 grams a day, 75kg take 3.75 grams per day) Great for any type of brain trauma either a concussion or stroke and has been shown to help with depression – Get Crea Pure that is made in Germany

1.13.20 – Caffeine - depends on why and how you’re using it – macro dosing – What caffeine is best? Comparing caffeine in chocolate, coffee, and green tea

1.25.00 – Sleep – managing heat – eat earlier before bed especially protein – have a hot shower or bath can improve heat loss – or wear socks in bed

1.28.30 – Managing Concussion – pre-concussion Creatine, reduce bad fats, increase good fats = long-chain omega 3. Post-concussion – keep blood sugar down remove refined carbohydrates, increase ketones (keto esters), temperature control after any type of brain injury its critical to make sure the brain isn’t too hot. Movement is critical within a day or two but one shouldn't get too hot (use ice packs) – then of course sleep

1.34.15 – Visualizing and Hormones – “What you think about what your body can do and how it can perform directly affects hormones – you can see hormonal levels change in people simply by what they’ve been told” - Allen Langer Chambermaids in hotels (See links below) – “They’ve seen effects in immune function and hormonal function” - Dr. Brian Walsh Thought is driven physiology (see links below)

1.38.00 Conclusion


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EDITORIAL - Metabolic health and lifestyle medicine should be a cornerstone of future pandemic preparedness -

Dr. Brian Walsh Thought driven physiology

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