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Ed Baker Returns with a New Startup - The AnyQuestion app.

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Ed Baker Returns with a New Startup - The AnyQuestion app.

Episode 95: Ed Baker Returns with a New Startup - The AnyQuestion app.

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Ed Baker, was last on the show in episode 61, if you haven’t listened to that episode I encourage you to do so... He is one of the most remarkable people I’ve had the privilege of having on the show.

Father of four. Harvard Grad, MBA at Stanford Business school, Investor, Entrepreneur, Growth Specialist, and remarkable Triathlete.

A quick brief on his background He built a company called about 15 years ago to 25 million users very rapidly. Mark Zuckerberg recognized this and brought Ed over to be the Head of International Growth at FaceBook. Facebook was built to over a billion users around the world and Ed played a significant role in making that happen. Soon after, Ed was approached by a small start-up called Uber to become the Head of Product and Growth. Ed accepted this role and played a huge part in building Uber into what it is today... Not a bad track record.

Ed left Uber to focus on family, investing, advising, and his Ironman training and racing.

Tune in for the inside details on why he developed the new app, what it’s about, and how to use it! Ed offers a wealth of knowledge on how to build a successful business!

Greg dives into their discussion. Re-hashing some of what they discussed on the last episode, Greg and Ed chat about his most recent performances in the sport of triathlon, and then move into his recent work on a new business—AnyQuestion. Hear about Ed’s life and training, his experiences with the Ironman, and his recent business. Ed is passionate about the importance of removing friction and setting goals in order for growth to happen. After a series of personal rapid-fire questions, Greg jumps into the topic of the launch of Ed’s new company.

Ed discusses AnyQuestion, the new app that was just launched, and what differences set this apart from other already-existing resources. As a subscription-based application, AnyQuestion is seeking to keep a flat monthly subscription even as it continues to grow. Ed has started with just one vertical at first but hopes to add every sport, and then add other verticals such as cooking, music, and art. Allowing for direct access to an expert, AnyQuestion is intended to allow anyone to directly ask an expert anything they want, and have everyone be able to access the responses!

Why did Ed build this app and why was it important that he do so? Ed shares about his experiences in investing in startups and helping others build their businesses—but this idea was one he just couldn’t stop thinking about!

Listen as Ed takes us through the journey of this startup from concept to launch day. He shares the importance of spending plenty of time upfront in thinking and talking about the idea with others before actually putting it into reality. Needing the best experts in the world to be on the app, Ed questioned if the experts would be excited about the idea. He shares his own excitement as these experts have expressed great enthusiasm to his reaching out. Learn about his timeline for other verticals to come out and why he’s so excited to finally share this with everyone.

How do you go about signing up? What does that look like? Simply go to the App Store to download, use an expert referral code to sign up for a $0 first month trial, then subscribe for full access! Ed is excited to build out his team.

As the show draws to a close, Greg asks a few last questions. What is one piece of advice on how people can optimize life? Do not underestimate the importance of focus. Step back and consider the things you spend time on and seek to remove the distractions that vie for your time. Hear about the special person Ed would most like to grab a drink with and don’t miss his final comments to today’s listeners!

Use my referral link Bennett, to get a $0 for the first month trial. OR go check out any of the experts below to use their referral links - they receive a commission when you do.

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