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Emma Frodeno (Snowsill) - Olympic, Commonwealth & Multiple World Champion Triathlete

Emma Frodeno (Snowsill) - Olympic, Commonwealth & Multiple World Champion Triathlete

Episode 22: Emma Frodeno (Snowsill) - Olympic, Commonwealth & Multiple World Champion Triathlete

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Olympic, Commonwealth and three-time Triathlon World Champion Emma Frodeno (Snowsill)

Together Greg and Emma discuss how Emma became involved in the world of Triathlon. Emma describes her journey from her youth to the top of the world.

Emma describes how she loved swimming and loved doing the work. Emma moved a sports school that encouraged her to run for the school after she showed promise in the school Cross country. Her years in swimming had built a tremendous engine and one she used to her advantage in the running.

It wasn't long before Emma found Triathlon. Emma raced in a team event (as the swimmer) at the world-famous Noosa Triathlon multi-sport festival and fell in love with the sport immediately.

Emma's progression was steep. By the age of 22, Emma won her first elite World title at the 2003 Queenstown, New Zealand World Championships.

Greg and Emma discuss the craziness of Olympic selections and specifically Emma being left off the Athens Olympic team alongside one of the greatest all-time Triathletes Michellie Jones.

Next for Emma was a 6 year period of complete domination. From 2005 to 2010 Emma was winning more than half the races she started and when she wasn't winning she was on the podium. In this period Emma went on to prove her win in 2003 wasn't a fluke and won two more elite World Championships, a Commonwealth Games title on Australian soil in Melbourne 2006, and an Olympic Games Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Emma describes taking full responsibility for her life. Taking control of where she would train, how she would prepare and with whom she would train. She had to make this clear with her Australian federation.

Her approach to the mental aspects of the sport is incredible. Her visualizing and word affirmations meant she was prepared for anything. She aligned the mental preparation with the physical work and never was shocked within any race scenario. She was ready for anything.



8.00 - Living in Girona, Spain, coming out of lockdown

9.30 – Adapting to the Covid19 situation – Husband Jan Frodeno doing an at-home Ironman to support local hospitals and local businesses – raised USD $275 for charity

15.00 – Sense of purpose – Your Why?

17.20 – Emma describes transitioning from one of the greats to the support role – Create a team to surround yourself – 3 things - bodywork (Physio) – Coach – Nutrition

23.00 – Loving the pressure of big one day races – managing expectations

25.00 – Managing family life balance – following the sport has changed to admiration from afar – being present with family

28.30 – Looking back – any regrets? Emma describes why she retired due to ill health in 2014 – Finally, Emma feels healthy – “Ironman is probably my natural talent” – Yes, there’s been a struggle with some unfinished business – but happy with life now

33.30 – I’d love some days if I could be the one that was training – “It’s the best job in the world” – outside justification is amazing in sport, you don’t get that anywhere else

38.00 – Finding Passion – Grew up as a swimmer – I loved the endurance – 1992 Olympics in Barcelona sowed the seed for the Olympic dream – School required Emma to run cross country she went so well the school asked her to run for school – Emma didn’t love running – Then Triathlon thing popped up – I loved the endurance – Found a Tri club (Jenny Alcorn)

45.10 – Noosa Triathlon multi-sport festival

47.20 – Greg meeting Emma’s Dad – 2001 – Emma’s parents struggled with her professional

50.00 – Winning Queenstown, NZ, 2003 World Champions at 22 years old – The years with Coach Brett Sutton – I didn’t feel like I was ready to go to the Olympics

55.00 – Selecting Olympic teams – The 2004 Olympic trials – What happened to the selection – World Championships was not a selection for the team

59.40 – They should have taken Michele Jones to Athens Olympics – I probably wasn’t ready

1.01.30 – Greg tells USA federation to “Grow some balls” and pick a team – “fair for everybody is not fair for the best”

1.03.30 – Emma - Trials for endurance sports is crazy

1.04.30 – Emma explains her “Imposter Syndrome” in 2003

1.06.00 – Between the start 31 races, 25 podiums, 15 wins in a 5-year window

1.08.00 – I’ll make sure they have no choice but to put me on the Olympic team going forward – Consistency = not being injury, not being sick – I took myself off training so I could take control of my own life – I took 100% responsibility for my training, racing – it was always going to me to be accountable

1.14.00 – Surround and learning from the best

1.16.00 – Taking full responsibility

1.17.00 – Coaches – Brett Sutton retired in 2004, Dennis Cotterell, Craig Walton – train a lot on my own – trained with Liz Blachford at times

1.20.30 – Team

1.22.00 – Mental Strategies Incredible details of a champion – Emma visualized often A, B, C, - Using mantras and affirmations

1.30.00 – “Jan is like a teenager - they know what to do but they choose not to”

1.31.40 – Travelling on your own – Jan’s got it easy doing Ironman

1.33.00 – Gear recommendations – get a gravel bike!


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