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Emma Pallant-Brown - Ironman 70.3 Champion, Multiple Duathlon World Champion

Emma Pallant-Brown - Ironman 70.3 Champion, Multiple Duathlon World Champion

Episode 87: Emma Pallant-Brown - Ironman 70.3 Champion, Multiple Duathlon World Champion

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Show notes

Welcome to The Greg Bennett show, a Bennett Endurance podcast hosted by Former Professional Olympic Athlete Greg Bennett. ​​Greg chats with the world's greatest athletes and high-performers to find out how they got to the top of the world and how they are able to sustain it. On today’s episode, we hear from Emma Pallant-Browne, a professional triathlon athlete from the U.K. She discusses her journey into the sport of triathlon, the importance of her team, mental strategies, and much more. Stay tuned for the inspiring, fun, and entertaining conversation to come!

As the conversation kicks off, Emma explains how she got into triathlon from her love of running. Having just missed the Great Britain Olympic running teams, she entered triathlon believing it would be just a one-year break from running. She quickly fell in love with triathlon and, in her short time in the sport, has amassed quite a portfolio of wins.

Then, they discuss a few major life changes for Emma that have occurred recently, beginning with her engagement to her husband Jaryd just before last year’s lockdown. Having newly moved to South Africa, Emma seized the opportunity during the downtime to really hone in on her strength training. She speaks admirably of her coach Tim Don, who excels at helping her improve on her weak points. Emma won this year’s Florida 70.3 by 5 minutes, with damage all across the board in swimming, biking, and running. She recalls that experience, as well as her following race in St. George, Utah, which she would have liked to have completed faster. While she knows not to depend on this one factor, Emma explains that having an exceptional swim gives her the advantage to follow up with a great bike. In fact, every second of the race is a fight for the finish line, which is what makes it so exciting. She shares her expectations for the upcoming Collins Cup, in which she is on the European Women's Team.

The conversation shifts to discussing Emma’s childhood and how she became interested in endurance sports at a young age. Her mother was extremely supportive of Emma’s happiness, taking her to a trainer who encouraged her to fully embrace running. Having attended university, Emma speaks of the ways the experience helped her improve her sport.

Then, we get a glimpse into Emma’s training schedule. Before starting with her coach Tim, she considered herself a very routine athlete. Now, however, her routine is quite varied week to week. She explains her struggles with swimming, which sometimes slows her down. She prefers to record her performances daily, including up to three points to focus on improving. In the past, Emma has always been one to push her body to the extreme. With the help of her coach, she has realized the benefit of listening to her body and paying attention to the good signs. She enjoys meditation as a way of relaxation and decompression.

As the conversation wraps up, Greg poses a few questions for Emma. First, she offers her best tip for people looking to optimize their life. Balance and being happy with your decisions are key, as well as feeling comfortable reaching out to and checking in with loved ones. Don’t miss who Emma would share a coffee with, her favorite family vacation destination, her best dinner recipe, and more!

Two Big Questions

Tip for optimizing life? - "View Triathlon as a lifestyle, not just the training"

If you could sit and have a coffee with one living person, who would it be and why? George Washington

Rapid Fire Questions

  1. What is your favorite family vacation?

  2. Who would you dream of having a head-to-head duel to finish at the Ironman 70.3 World Champs?

  3. First car you owned?

  4. What would you change about yourself if you could?

  5. Two most-used apps on your phone?

  6. Out of 10, how cool would you say you are.

  7. Outside of Triathlon, If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

  8. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

  9. First job?

  10. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? Cillian Murphy – Peaky Blinders

  11. What dinner could you prepare? Three guests’ non-family you would invite?

  12. Which decade of music is the best?

  13. What do you do on a day off?

  14. Where is somewhere you haven’t been, you’d like to go?

  15. Greatest movie of all time?


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