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Erin Carson - Strength Coach & Health and Human Performance Specialist

Erin Carson - Strength Coach & Health and Human Performance Specialist

Episode 152: Erin Carson - Strength Coach & Health and Human Performance Specialist

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Show notes

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg chats with one of the greatest Strength & conditioning coaches for endurance athletes in the world, Erin Carson.

In her Strength coaching business ECFIT Erin has worked with beginners, to the worlds greatest elite athletes, including Olympians and World Champions Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy Odonnell, to name a few.

Erin own’s Rally Sport training facility and Health club in Boulder, which has become the meca for amatuer and pro triathletes around the world.

Erin's content on the AnyQuestion platform is simply brilliant. Some of which we discuss in this episode.


2:15 - Interview with Erin Carson begins

8:45 - Erin & Greg chat about Taylor Knibb and her rise from juinors to her current successes. How she has brought her skill in short course racing, through to her long course events.

The harder the course, the more my athletes are going to thrive

15:43 - Greg & Erin rewind the clock and discuss her career beginning from the start.

20:31 - How did Erin adapt her strength training knowledge when she began working with endurance athletes. Erin's ability to incorporate 'play' in her training programs and get out of the training studio is a key to her sucess with athletes.

My job is to make the athlete and their sport coach look really REALLY good!

26:02 - Have you ever considered being a full coach to pro athlete's?

27:54 - Athletes bring their challenges to Erin and her philosophy is to encompass herself and her athletes with a team of specialists so she can ensure a full strength training service.

30:03 - Erin explains her view about Lucy Charles-Barkly's injury recovery ... she shares 'the magic' ingredient.

32:12 - Erin describes where and how she is learning and growing as a strength training coach. The research tends to be based around male athletes, rather females. 'Experience' and 'listening' to the athlete can be more important than a research paper.

There's never perfect ... there's just fast, and pain free

37:54 - Erin discusses how patience and committment to the process is a key as a strength training coach. She believes her job is not to fix things, rather she is trying to work within the brilliance of the body and allowing it to work.

39:36 - We have this mentality that 'tough is better'. Greg and Erin discuss how the flow of running where it's more of a dance than a battle of strength.

40:34 - How much of the strength training that Erin's involved with is about injury reduction, or is it about optimizing performance?

42:15 - So how much correspondence does Erin have with the sports coach so that she is adapting the strength training she allocates and does not 'crush' the athlete. Erin encourages her athletes to come straight to her from their training rathe than heading home and resting prior.

Movement before Muscle

48:44 - Erin continues to learn and she shares her most interesting learning lately. The impact between the diaphram and pelvic floor through breathwork. It's amazing if you can just take a big breath and create space between the ribs and the hips, to free up the movement of the pelvis. How do we train the athlete to experience that when they are riding and running!

50:52 - Running tall is a key for Erin. She explains how the GOAT is a tall runner.

53:21 - Erin shares some training tips for us all to utlize no matter where you are in your training journey.

58:25 - What would you tell your 18 year old self?

58:46 - Who would you want to have a dinner with (non family, living or dead)?

59:51 - Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

1:02:38 - Check out the 200+ answer Erin has shared on the app

1:05:13 - Interview concludes


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