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Flora Duffy - Tokyo Olympic Games Champion, Commonwealth Games Champion, 9 Time World Champion

Flora Duffy - Tokyo Olympic Games Champion, Commonwealth Games Champion, 9 Time World Champion

Episode 85: Flora Duffy - Tokyo Olympic Games Champion, Commonwealth Games Champion, 9 Time World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

If you’ve listened to this show, you would have heard me say in the Introduction to each episode – "Success comes to those who endure just one moment longer."

Well, Today’s guest is the epidemy of that quote. She has been steadily improving her craft for two decades. Building upon each day, month, and year to reach the very top of the sport – To become the Olympic Champion.

She’s one of the most decorated Triathletes in history:

Now with Olympic Gold in Tokyo, Japan

Commonwealth Gold on the Gold Coast, Australia

And 9 World Titles including:

Two ITU Triathlon World Championships

Two ITU Cross World Championships

And Five Xterra Triathlon World Championships

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, she’s had setbacks and had to rebuild numerous times, but she keeps getting back up and rebuilding stronger.

She’s been a friend of ours for over 10 years and she’s one of the most down-to-earth champions you could ever spend time with.

She is the first gold medalist for her country of Bermuda.

In this episode, Flora describes what it took to win Gold in Tokyo, the journey to get there, her team, the good times and the bad, and the race itself.

This episode had a little bit of everything... the emotional joy of winning gold, plus the heartache and the delusion that comes with professional sport, and plenty of laughs.

You will leave this episode becoming an even bigger fan of one of the all-time greats of the sport of Triathlon.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4.20 - Introduction to Flora Duffy

5.15 - General chit-chat - Self-belief leading into the Tokyo Olympic Games - Final 7 weeks Chelsea Burnes and Joanna Brown as training partners - started working with a sports psychologist -

8.30 - Flora's team - Nate Wilson Coach, Ernie Groom as a running coach, Dan her husband, Marcos Mejias Massage - Stellenbosch and Boulder as training bases.

12.00 - Has the Olympics settled down? Non-stop since the Olympics - Sitting in quarantine is so special - Coming off the high, how do you keep going? Flora hasn't raced that much. The body is flat after the high of the emotions of the Olympics, but now she feels free because

21.00 - The Race - The final preparations into the Tokyo Olympics - A spit covid test every day was nerve-racking - Flora went in late, she went in Friday evening and raced Tuesday morning - Travelled with bodywork expert - Watching the men's race created some nerves - at 3 am Flora watched the monsoon conditions - "Instead of trying to stay cool pre-race I had to try and stay warm" - Katie Zaferes's ride "she was a having a great day"

30.40 - Midroll

32.00 - The Swim - The swim became a focus leading into Tokyo - Kristian said, "Hey number 15 is the place to start" - Jesica Learmonth, Georgia Taylor Brown, Summer Rappaport, Katie Zaferes,

36.30 - The Bike - British Triathlon had nice boards detailing where everyone was - Nicola Spirig - I had a great bike group to ride with - "I didn't need to overextend myself"

40.00 - The Run - 33.00min for the 10km - "I felt confident of racing in the heat" - Staying focussed on your cues - "I've put a lot of work of my running" - "It took just solid consistent work"

48.00 - The end of the race - Flora didn't know that Georgia had had a puncture. - Flora knew she had it at 5km - But she had to keep focussing on her cues - in the last 800m she knew she had it and allowed herself to enjoy it

51.00 - How to act when you win an Olympic title - Celebrating Katie getting a medal - A great podium

54.20 - The reaction in Bermuda - The whole country has watched and celebrated Flora's career -

56.00 - Finding a passion for Triathlon when she was 7 - She raced everything she could in Bermuda - Every year the Bermuda Triathlon club went to do a race abroad - Flora went to boarding school in the UK when she was 17 - She watched the World Cups in '96 and '97

1.00.30 - When did Flora realize she had some ability - 2006 Commonwealth Games and came 18th - Julie Dibens and Leanda Cave and Emma Snowsill - then got 2nd at Jnr Worlds

1.04.00 - Then the next few years went horribly wrong - but she qualified for the 2008 Olympics but had a terrible race and wasn't ready - she took 2009 completely off - she found balance with University and parties and Triathlon

1.08.30 - Becomming the best in the world - Going all-in - Marrying Dan

1.10.00 - First big win - XTerra World Title in 2014 - then took the style of racing to WTS racing - Flora changed the style of racing in the WTS

1.14.00 - 2016 the year Flora felt she made it - Leeds and the British team - The Grand Final in Cozumel was a showdown between Gwen and Flora

1.18.30 - 2017, the near-perfect season

1.20.00 - Eight years on top of the world - Has there been some struggles? "There have been times where I'm top of the world and then I can't even walk", "Will I ever get back there?" - Remembering how to run and how to race - 2019 test event was the first race back in 15 months

1.26.00 - How to optimize your life? "Optimize the environment around you"

1.26.40 - Who would you want to share a coffee with? Allyson Felix

1.27.10 - What's next? Montreal and Edmonton - Will you accept the Kona Ironman slot - Nope!

1.29.30 - Conclude - Coming off a high!


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