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Gina Grain - Olympian. Strength & Conditioning coach

Gina Grain - Olympian. Strength & Conditioning coach

Episode 161: Gina Grain - Olympian. Strength & Conditioning coach

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg chats with Gina Grain.

Gina is an Olympic cyclist, 7-time national champion, and silver medalist at the World Championships and won both the US Pro Road and Track Championships.

Gina has since gone on to expand her education in Kinesiology and earned herself a Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning). She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has trained elite athletes who have competed and medaled at the Olympics (Gold, Silver and 2x Bronze) , Junior World Championships and podiums at the National Championships. She has also helped Masters’ athletes to achieve their goals, such as completing Ironman races, reaching cycling goals and improving their general physical fitness for life.

Despite being told she would never run again after undergoing knee surgery in both knees as a teenager, she trained herself to compete in a 1/2 Ironman at the age of 48 despite having osteoarthritis in both knees.

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2:26 - Interview with Gina Grain begins.

7:53 - Greg and Gina discuss her early cycling career. Gina was determined to go to the olympics as a soccer player ... so how did cycling come about?

14:11 - Gina explains her journey to the velodrome and how mountain biking played a significant part to teaching her competitiveness and endurance.

Mountain biking taught me to take a 'hit'

18:44 - Gina explains how she felt when she qualified for the Olympics in 2008.

25:20 - Gina explains her highs and lows of her Olympic experience.

It could have driven me to give up ...

27:18 - It's hard to have a career without the lows. Knowing that, Gina explains her techniques and tips that helped her work through the moments and environments and taking the learnings from her disappointments and down moments.

If I wasn't having fun during this journey, then why am I doing it?

31:22 - Gina describes the transition from retiring from her pro career to retraining and developing her highly successful strength & conditioning coaching career.

36:00 - Gina explains how she gets athletes to buy into strength training.

There's no question about the research ... strength training helps improve endurance performance!

40:01 - Gina approaches strength training from a mobility, full core stability, strength and power position and she explains how she incorporates her program into an elite athletes training week.

41:46 - Greg and Gina chat about a typical program and how you can access some of Gina's training methods.

45:03 - Gina explains how she was able to train herself to complete an ironman incorporating a half-marathon run, given both her knees are ridden with osteoarthritis since the age of 16.

Don't tell the body ... ask the body what you want it to do

51:44 - Do you have bad knees? Gina explains how to get in contact with her directly. Also catch her on the platform.

53:04 - What would Gina tell her 18 year old self all these years later?

54:11 - Who would you want to have dinner with (non family, living or dead)?

54:58 - Gina has met true royalty - she tells her story which is both hilarious and proves we must seize the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

1:01:19 - Interview concludes.


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