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Greg, Laura, and Marc Jenkins dissect the Tokyo Olympic Games Triathlons

Greg, Laura, and Marc Jenkins dissect the Tokyo Olympic Games Triathlons

Episode 83: Greg, Laura, and Marc Jenkins dissect the Tokyo Olympic Games Triathlons

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

We’re in the middle of the Olympic Games and if you’re like Laura and me, we find ourselves watching everything we can. Simply watching the highs and lows of sport and the emotions that go with it make you feel alive and connected.

Marc Jenkins is a longtime friend of ours and one of the greatest athletes and coaches that Britain has ever produced. He understands the highs and lows of the Olympics. In 2004, in the Athens Olympics, he was in a bike crash, broke his wheel, and carried his bike on his shoulder as he ran for 2km to get it fixed. He then went on to finish the 10km run. Obviously not the result he had hoped for, but such, was his determination to finish. He then coached his wife Helen to three Olympic Games and multiple world titles.

He lives and breathes the sport of Triathlon much as we do. We thought, who better to bring on to the show, to dissect the Tokyo Olympic Triathlons.

In this episode, we dissect the men's and women's Tokyo Olympic Games Triathlons. We discuss the stand-out performances and give some advice to the athletes that may feel a little flat after their performances. Some great takeaways in this episode.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4.15 - Introduction to Marc Jenkins

5.15 - General chit-chat - Rough voices - Rattlesnake bite to Greg and Laura's 3 year old, Sydney

10.20 - When did Marc start Triathlon? 1997 was Marc's first world cup - What the Olympics mean to Marc - dealing with blood clots pulmonary embolism's - Marc's career was hit and miss

14.20 - 4th places - Laura: you give what you have on the Olympic Games - Relecting on the Games - Looking back now

17.15 - Marc shares his story at the Olympic Games - and shares his wife's Helens story at the London Olympics - Marc describes taking the coaching role with Helen - In one year Helen was the world champion in 2008 - Helen could not walk into the Olympics and came still came 5th - She cried every night for 12 weeks leading into the Games - The British team were outstanding

28.20 - The Tokyo Olympics - the men's racing - The false start - The swim was uneventful - The train is broken in transition - Was Ali Brownlee was missed in the front group - The packs came together 1/2 way through on the bike - Kristian made sure the bike was hard and a hard bike suited him - They latched onto Hayden Wilden latched onto Alex Yee - Alex Yee looked amazing - Jonny Brownlee had an amazing race - Kevin McDowell what a performance - Martin Van Riel - Unfortunate performances Vincent Luis and the Spanish team- Javier Gomez had an ear infection - The Australians were a bit disappointing but had no racing - Tyler Mislachuk needed hotter

47.05 - The Tokyo Olympics - the women's race - the delay because of the weather - Flora would have been excited about the weather - Katie Zaferes mindset with the wet roads and the pressure of qualification - Flora's race was one of the greatest performances ever - Greg put $20 on Flora - Breaks happened in the swim - Summer Rappaport was dropped - The stand out athlete for Laura was Nicola Spirig - Nicola Spirig's career is outstanding - The motor bikes in the race, how did it affect the race - Performances that were not great Ashley Gentle

1.05.50 - Post Olympic Depression - take time to absorb it - then find perspective - "This is Triathlon and this is life" - The affects of training squads - There is a time for training groups - "What did I do well, and what did I do well" - get a great coach, S&C, sports psychologist and sports scientists - There is a power in "Team"

1.15.15 - How can someone optimize their life? - Out source to better people and learn from others

1.16.15 - Who would you want to have a coffee with? Greg and Laura and Michael Jordan



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