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Gwen Jorgensen – Triathlon Olympic & Multiple World Champion – Professional runner

Gwen Jorgensen – Triathlon Olympic & Multiple World Champion – Professional runner

Episode Name: Gwen Jorgensen – Triathlon Olympic & Multiple World Champion – Professional runner

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Gwen Jorgensen. Gwen is the Triathlon Olympic Champion of 2016 and multiple world champion. She retired from Triathlon in 2017 and had her first child. She took up professional running in 2018.

Together Greg and Gwen discuss how Gwen became involved in the world of Triathlon and Endurance sports. Gwen describes how Triathlon chose her, she didn’t choose Triathlon. And hence, her retirement from Triathlon to focus on her true passion for running. Gwen shares the highs and lows of her career in Triathlon and running. Gwen goes into detail about the physical, mental, and emotional requirements of an Olympic Champion. Gwen talks about the tools she has developed to help her succeed.


Intro –

(2:10) – The stay at the home enforcement– Covid19 and how that its effected training

(4:25) – Gwen on the change to running

(7:35) – Why are we doing the sport?

(10:12) – Guilt “Imposter Syndrome” making 2012 Olympic team

(13.09) – How hard was the transition from Triathlon to Motherhood and professional running

(17:15) – The difficulties of longer levers (long legs)

(20:45) – Marathon and going back to 5k to 10k

(31:12) – Finding endurance sport – an unhealthy relationship with swimming – the switch to running – recruited to Triathlon

(37:33) – Finding discipline

(39:12) – Belief in self was lacking

(40:38) – No idea about Triathlon until Barb Lindquist brought her to Triathlon

(42:05) – The proudest moment – winning Stockholm WTS “your horrible on the bike, don’t go!”

(43:20) – Shout out to Barb Lindquist

(46:10) – Going all-in with Intent into the sport of Triathlon

(47:45) – What are the top athletes doing that I’m not doing

(48:30) – Interviewing to find the best coach

(50:00) – 2013 a rollercoaster year

(52:00) – Bike crashes

(54:00) – Undefeated perfect season

(55:35) – Pressure, preparation, and the Olympics – losing on the Gold Coast in 2016

(1:02:52) – Visualizing

(1:06:35) – Team and Relationships – squads, coaches, bodywork, Media – Talbot Cox

(1:19:50) – Sleep and Recovery

(1:20:45) – Sponsors – Sleep number, Island House

(1:22:25) – Nutrition – limit process foods – loose with a diet with no races on the schedule. “I’m naturally lean” – working Scratch Labs, Alin Lim

(1:24:30) – Bodywork – It’s been so hard with the stay-home order I usually have most afternoons with bodywork

(1:26:40) – Training, Jerry Miles 8min miles (5min k’s) is the standard – the impact of the running 120miles (200k)

(1:29:40) – The Portland weather and running trails and the Nike campus

(1:31:20) – Gear recommendations – Nike Zoom Next %, Rudy Project, Specialized bikes, Zwift is a game-changer- check out YouTube channel on how to set up

(1:34:00) – Conclusion

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