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Heather Jackson - Multiple Ironman & 70.3 World Champion medalist

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Heather Jackson - Multiple Ironman & 70.3 World Champion medalist

Episode 59: Heather Jackson - Multiple Ironman & 70.3 World Champion medalist

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a wonderful conversation with Heather Jackson.

Heather Jackson is one of the world’s greatest Ironman champions. With consistent podiums at both the 70.3 and Full Ironman World Championships. She’s the current American Ironman record holder and has won 12 IM 70.3 and 5 full Ironmans. She’s a relentlessly hard worker and is an aggressive racing, and is a top contender at every race she enters. Always smiling, one of the best people I know, but don’t let that smile fool you….She’s a smiling assassin. In this episode, Heather describes her journey to the top of the world of Triathlon. Her options of sports along the way, simply remarkable. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Track Cycling, and then finally she went all-in on Triathlon. Heather describes how she's struggled with confidence, but now in her mid 30's she's found a new coach in Ryan Bolton, she's building her weapons and she's working the mental game. She has a great team around her, with her training partners, coach, and her incredibly supportive husband Wattie. We have a good laugh about their tattoos and people's preconceptions about who they are.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.15 - Sponsors

4.05 - Start to show – Introduction

4.40 - General chit-chat - Challenge Daytona 2020

6.30 - Motivation the past 12 months during Covid - Working with new coach Ryan Bolton - the focus has always been Kona IM World Championships in October - A year of focussing on training without race pressure - Transforming the run to a weapon - 2020 was a recharge

12.15 - A year of extreme training - 160-mile bike rides - Ben Hoffman - 2020 crazy days

14.30 - Rewinding the clock - Finding a passion for Triathlon - Tennis, soccer, gymnastics, =playing everything - played on Olympic development for Soccer and National team for Ice Hockey - Ice Hockey in Princeton - Lake Placid Ice Hocket National teams - missed cut for Olympics for Ice Hockey - 40 were on the team they took 27 - Was soccer ever back on the table - went to Thailand to teach - got into triathlon - meeting in the airport in Phuket Thailand

23.00 - Falling in love with Triathlon - coming from team sport - finding your strength and talent - moved to California - Brad Culp and Wattie - Becky and Brian Lavelle - Wattie encouraged Heather to focus on sport - Finding confidence

28.00 - Mini break - Advertising Athletic Greens and Hyperice

28.50 - Finding Confidence - "get out of your own way" - Taking ownership and gaining confidence - working on confidence and working on the mental side - Books:

37.00 - Track cycling individual pursuit OR Triathlon in 2009 - USA Olympic team pursuit in prep for London Olympics - Triathlon KSwiss team as development athlete changed Heather's direction - 2010, 2011, 2012 first years in the sport of Triathlon with Kswiss team -

45.00 - Ryan Boltons coaching - no stress, he's chilled - the biggest change has been a shift in the running - The miles that heather runs now compared to previous - lots of hills - 18 miles at 6.20 and it felt like nothing - "I'm excited to see what my running" - Happy hour jogs is a 30-minute jog at 7-minute miles has become easy - Total miles running 50-60miles a week normally but last August Heather did an 80, 90, 95 then a 100-mile week - right now at 60-75 miles - New swim coach in Tuscon, Justin Slade, 'Aqua bear' - listening to the coach - working with the water - Lionel Sanders and Heather set up 5 days a week - Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findley - Team and community - Great swim squad

1.00.50 - Nutrition - eating healthy - meal prep for the week on Sunday's - Heather is relaxed, just overall healthy - Fueling while training, using Herbalife it been an amazing journey for 10+ years - mostly liquid calories in Ironman -

1.04.40 - Sleep and recovery - finding a routine - eat at 5, in bed by 8, get up at 5 am and have coffee, and go straight to the pool - The intensity of training can affect sleep - Tuscon and Bend are home

1,08.30 - Relationships - Team - Wattie is Heather's husband and they are a powerful team with their business Wattie Ink -

1.11.30 - Tattoos and preconception - Heather explaining the meaning of her Tattoos.

1.14.14 - Wattie Ink - Wattie has to build a clothing brand

1.16.00 - Star signs - Heather is a Tauras

1.16.50 - What's next for Heather? 2021. Ironman Tulsa May 23rd is the big goal with the run being the target - gaining confidence from your run - creating weapon - and the game - Kona Ironman the top 10 women are between 3 and 3.06 - Challenge Miami March 12th

1.21.40 - Conclusion - Vanlife and Youtube channel - a content creating for athletes


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