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Helen Jenkins - Multiple Triathlon World Champion & Three-time British Olympian

Helen Jenkins - Multiple Triathlon World Champion & Three-time British Olympian

Episode #19 - Helen Jenkins - Multiple Triathlon World Champion & Three-time British Olympian

Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Helen Jenkins. Helen is the Triathlon World Champion of 2008 and 2011 and three time British Olympian.

Together Greg and Helen discuss how Helen became involved in the world of Triathlon and Endurance sports. Helen describes how she is able to keep her passion for training and the sport alive even with two kids, back surgery, and a multitude of injuries throughout her career. She describes that she has created a habit of doing the work each and every day and she doesn't;t feel herself without the training and the sport of Triathlon.

Helen took the gamble on herself at a young age. Telling her High School careers advisor that she will be a professional Triathlete and she will be a World Champion.

Her last race before her recent come-back was at the end of 2016 shortly after the Rio Olympic Games. With over three years away from racing, having two kids, and back surgery to fuse her L5 and S1 joints together Helen toed the start line in early 2020. Helen finished 4th in her first race back and her first attempt at long course Triathlon.

Time Stamps


2.10 – Lockdown with Covid19

2.45 – Going back and looking and the last 3-4 years

4.00 – Dealing with Back problems – Having kids

8.45 – Back racing after 2 kids and back surgery

13.05 – Keeping the passion alive through habit

14.05 – The pressure of Olympics and the favorite

15.30 – Looking back to finding a passion for endurance sport

18.45 – Building confidence and identifying strength and talent

21.25 – Taking full control and responsibility for being a professional Triathlete

27.20 – Breakthrough 2008 World Championship – the lead-up and the race

37.15 – Hyvee and racing in the USA

38.00 – Being relaxed for a race

39.40 – 2008 Olympic Games – dealing with pressure – sickness in the team

42.44 – Going toward the 2012 Olympic Games as the favorite – dealing with injuries and pressure

52.40 – 2013 took the year off, 2014 scattered and 2015 was terrible

54.30 – When your head isn’t in it, it’s impossible to deliver physically

58.25 – 2016 Gold Coast win and preparing for Rio Olympics

1.07.20 – Team and Relationships

1.11.00 – Managing time with kids

1.13.00 – Sleep and Recovery

1.15.30 – Nutrition/ hydration – sweating – Clif Bar

1.16.55 – General Health and blood work

1.19.20 – The stress of the World and Olympic cycle – less pressure now – ITU World Series

1.25.30 – Gear recommendations – Zwift for indoor riding – Huub wetsuits (Dean) – ON running, Clif Bar

1.28.26 – Olympics next year? Highly unlikely!

1.29.05 – Home in Bridgend (South Wales), Lanzarote, Noosa Australia

1.31.00 – Media teams


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