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Holly Lawrence - Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Holly Lawrence - Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Episode 48: Holly Lawrence - Ironman 70.3 World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has a wonderful conversation with Holly Lawrence. Holly is one of the world's greatest Triathletes. She’s won almost 50% of the Ironman 70.3s she’s started in since 2012 or even better 65% of the races started since 2016. And, when not winning, she’s on the podium every time she races. That includes the world championships…which she won in 2016. Then after dealing with an almost career-ending injury in 2018, she came back in 2019 with a 2nd place. In the world of endurance sport, she is still incredibly young, and I feel she’s only scratched the surface of her potential, and really, I’m excited for her next 5-10 years. In this episode, Holly describes how she's taken control of her life, learned to manage expectations and her own emotions. She's incredibly passionate about the sport of Triathlon and feels fortunate to be able to do it professionally. She describes how feeling grateful for the opportunity to train and race as a professional is helping her performances.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.20 - Sponsors

4.45 - Start to show – Introduction

5.30 - General chit-chat - Beijing 2016 the week following

6.30 - Expectations

7.20 - The 2016 World Championships - Playing it down and being the under-dog

9.10 - Embracing the win - I didn't believe it - I never let myself believe I had won it - They're chasing me they're right behind me

12.00 - 2017 Holly won 6 70.3s but had a struggle in 2017 World Champs - Expectations changed - Suddenly I was racing for more than myself - Holly describes sponsors - "I raced aggressively hard and was too scared to take recovery weeks, it was just the insecurities creeping in" - "I came out that year way too hard and mismanaged the whole year" - Holly lost weight for the World Champs

15.45 - Anxiety and insecurities - learning in 2017 - 2018 Holly fractured her navicular but it might have started at the end of 2017 - Losing the weight too quickly may have caused malnutrition

19.30 - Dealing with the injury in 2018 - "She was like your career is over, I wasn't ready for that", "I was faced with the worst so 16 weeks seemed doable"

22.10 - The emotional roller coaster of managing the injury - Holly had her foot in a cast for 4 months - "You're proud of yourself for getting through that time" - "I was running and then thought, oh my gosh the fear is gone!"

26.20 - 2019 season the comeback - Racing Daniella Ryf at World Championships - "For me, it was about being the best I could be, I don't focus on one other athlete" - "I had the pressure of 2017, the injury of 2018 so by 2019 I felt free and enjoyed the racing"

30.00 - 2020 Cozumel 70.3 win - managing 2020 - "It started with plan a, then plan b, then plan c." - "It hasn't been hard emotionally because I did;t mess it up" - "You just adapt. With everything else that happened in the past, I feel I'm more equipped to adapt"

32.30 - Preparing for Challenge Daytona - "I can't wait for the PTO race, there is no pressure because it's such an unknown"

35.00 - Winding the clock back - Starting endurance sport - "I tried really hard but it never really paid off" - "My parents heard about Triathlon and introduced me to it" - Holly went to University for Triathlon in Swansea, Wales - leaving short course - getting on funding and told never get my running good enough - the politics of short course racing "I was never taken seriously" - "I said screw this and moved to America"

40.10 - Taking control of your life - January 2014 - Went to train with Matt Dixon in California

42.30 - First moving to the USA - "It was a lucky and easy move" - I moved to Santa Monica after a year -

43.50 - Her boyfriend Sean, coach Dean Golich (science-based coach) - "he pulls me up on my stuff" - managing the relationship - Seeing family once or twice a year back in the UK - "I couldn't imagine living back in the UK now"

48.30 - Mindset preparation - "last year I started working with a sports psychologist - It changed me and gave me a new perspective" - "You work so hard on your physical body it's crazy not to work on your mental-side, you're missing such a big part" - meditation had been great to add - Working on self as an athlete and as a person - Looking for validation from coaches can be dangerous - "I don't have to be so emotional about my training"

53.55 - Physical training - Holly trains about 22-25hrs - The golden 30s - "I'm more secure in where I am now" - "I love training, and it's never lost on me that I'm so lucky my hobby is my career"

56.45 - Sleep and recovery - "I'm in my Normatec when I'm not training" - Using the Hypervolt - "I spend an hour or 2 a day" - Strength training twice a week

59.30 - Supplements - Vitamin D - Iron "I try to optimize my blood profile" - Collagen - Protein - Beta-Alanine (6 grams a day)

1.04.30 - Looking forward - Holly had planned to do her first ironman in 2020 in St.George, Utah - I'd love to race Kona rather than just watch - "I'm so curious as to how I could measure up" - "I feel I do well over the long-distance"

1.08.30 - Races around the world - Race-cations are the way to go - "You earn your vacation"

1.11.30 - Training - "Santa Monica is just so good all year round, I couldn't do the UK anymore, the winters are awful"

1.13.20 - Conclusion


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