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Hunter Kemper - 4x Olympian, 7x National Champion, World Cup Series Champion

Hunter Kemper - 4x Olympian, 7x National Champion, World Cup Series Champion

Episode 33: Hunter Kemper - 4x Olympian, 7x National Champion, World Cup Series Champion

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with, Hunter Kemper - 4x Olympian, 7x National Champion, World Cup Series Champion.

Together Greg and Hunter step through Hunter's career. His relentless pursuit to be better than he was the day before and to not be satisfied with being the best in the country. From the age of 10, Hunter knew he wanted to be a professional Triathlete. He focussed his time on the "Ironkids Triathlons" around the USA. He focussed on running during his college years at Wake Forest in an attempt to become a great Triathlete.

Throughout the episode, Hunter describes the importance of having an amazing, supportive team around him. His Parents' unconditional support, his wife Val (a former professional volleyball player), his coaches George Dallam (2000, ’04), Cliff English (08 – 2016), his sports psychologist Peter Hobrill, his fans and supporters, and his sponsors... Hunter's main sponsor HumanN and their products BeetElite and SuperBeets continue to support Hunter.

Working and supporting various children's foundations has been something that Hunter has focussed on throughout his career. The AT children's project is one of those foundations. Hunter now has 5 kids of his own.

Greg describes his 2007 undefeated season in the LifeTime Fitness series (5 from 5) and the 1/2 million dollar prize purse that went with it.

Hunter describes the turning point in his career in 2005 when he started focussing on the details of nutrition and sleep and recovery. He became more intentional about what he wanted and that was to be the best in the world... he achieved this in 2005, by winning the ITU world cup series.

Process goals verse outcome goals are how Hunter achieved success at the top of the world for almost 20 years. “Process goals… It’s being in the moment and focusing on the process and the journey that’s going to get you to those ultimate outcome goals”.

Greg and Hunter discuss what it will take for the USA men to become the best in the world. They discuss racing more often and how the culture of the University above all else in the US may be affecting the desired results.

Finally, Hunter concludes, that he never had a backup plan for after Triathlon... he was all-in.


3.50 – Introduction

5.00 – Colorado Springs – The USA Olympic Museum

8.45 – Transitioning from professional Triathlete to retirement – “hasn’t been easy” – “My passion is with that youth and junior racing” – USA Triathlon program - T3

13.00 – Finding passion, aligning strengths and going all-in – Started Triathlon in 1986 as a 10-year-old – Kept doing “Ironkids”, throughout his youth – Wake Forest sent him an invitation thinking Hunter was a woman when they looked at his time.

17.50 – Hunter used Wake Forest University to develop his running for Triathlon, he always knew he wanted to be a professional triathlete

19.40 – “Walk on” – scholarship – Hall of fame at Wake Forest – Tim Duncan

22.40 – Changing training the body shape – like Ryan Hall

24.30 – Style of training changes

25.00 – Resident at Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center for 18 years

26.00 – Hunter’s wife Val is a professional volleyball but was cut from the team last minute for the 2000 Olympics – The night Val got cut Hunter and Val went on their first date

30.30 – Relationships and team. Parents, wife Val, Peter Hobrill as a sports psychologist, Flower at the dining hall, coach George Dallam (2000, ’04), Cliff English (08 – 2016)

37.10 – Surrounding yourself with encouraging people

38.15 – Working with the various foundations – AT Children’s project – Hyvee

42.30 – What was your favorite Olympics? “It’s like asking who your favorite kid” – A step through 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics

45.20 – Simon Thompson in 2004

47.30 – 2006 Beijing World Cup

48.50 – 2008 sports hernia - Hyvee as the qualifier for the 2008 USA Olympic Games

52.30 – Beijing Olympics 2008 – 7th

54.20 – After 2008 – focus on non-drafting series in the USA – The LifeTime Fitness Triathlon

56.00 – Winning the Minneapolis LifeTime Fitness Triathlon in 2006

57.45 – Greg describes the 2006 & 2007 LTF series

1.08.40 – Simon Whitfield also went to 4 Olympics plus won Minneapolis and Hyvee

1.09.00 – Hyvee big sponsors of Hunters from 2007 to 2014 – “It’s my 'A' race” - “I was really proud of myself, that I got to win big big races that people really cared about and that were big-money events” – “How do you judge the best in a sport? Prize money has to count!”

1.14.00 – Greg describes how do choose the best in the world – 45% able to swim, bike and run (15% each), 20% Titles, 20% Prize money, 10% ability to vary distances and formats, 5% longevity

1.17.20 – 'What do need to change to go to world number one? “Top American, was good enough for me – but I became complacent”

1.21.00 – “Never go hungry, Never go thirsty” – Nutrition, Sleep - “I recalibrated, refocused… what does it take to be the best in the world? I gotta start doing the little things, it’s not good enough to just be the best in the country, I can’t hang my hat on that anymore, I need to be better, Let’s focus on every little bit of my career and my life”

1.24.00 – The changes in training, joining Cliff English – “Cliff was good a pulling me back”

1.26.00 – Olympic training verses non-drafting training

1.27.30 – Mental strategies with Peter Hobrill – “mindfulness” “Being present” – “Coming back to the process” - “Process goals… It’s being in the moment and focusing on the process and the journey that’s going to get you to those ultimate outcome goals” – Process goals

1.35.30 – The USA men – how to improve the men on the world stage? – The men need to race more – “we need to find the talent” – Mixed relay – Superleague racing – College and University experience might hurt the USA men doing only one sport – and it might be a back-up plan

1.47.00 – “What was your back up plan? I was all-in on triathlon I never had a backup plan”

1.48.00 – “You got to surround yourself with people who believe in you”

1.49.10 – Conclusion


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