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Jan Frodeno - Olympic Champion, 3 x Ironman World Champion, 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Jan Frodeno - Olympic Champion, 3 x Ironman World Champion, 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Episode 27 - Jan Frodeno - Olympic Champion, 3 x Ironman World Champion, 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with arguable the greatest Triathlete of all-time Jan Frodeno - Olympic Champion, 3 x Ironman World Champion, 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion.

Together Greg and Jan discuss dealing with disappointments using fear and doubt to get more out of yourself.

Jan's was never the most talented in the sport. In fact, his first win was the day after his 27th birthday... it just happened to be the Beijing Olympic Games. That win ignited his career. The following Olympic cycle leading up to the London Olympics in 2012 he managed several wins, numerous podiums and cemented himself as one of the fiercest competitors on the world stage. He was disappointed in not winning the World Championship in 2010 with a lackluster performance at the grand final. He didn't feel he grew from that experience. Jan simply described that at that time he had lost his passion for the sport. It took 6 months out with an injury in 2011 to re-ignite his passion for the sport.

Jan describes his performances in 2015, 16, 17 and 18 as some of the best of his life and he was almost undefeated during this time. A back injury in 2017 had him withdraw from the Kona Ironman World Championships during the run. A fractured sacrum after his incredible win at the 2018 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Sth Africa (Jan's second home) had him withdraw from Kona for the 2nd year in a row. It was after watching the race in 2018 that Jan sat with his coach and manager and put a letter of intent to prepare with everything they have for the 2019 World Championships

Jan has built a strong team around him. His wife Emma Frodeno (Olympic and multiple world champion), his kids, his manager Felix and his coach Dan Lorang.

Jan describes the 2019 Ironman world championship win as his greatest performance of his career.

Check below for the timestamps and some great quotes.


5.15 – Intro

6.15 – Jan describes being home and stuck in Girona

6.30 – Greg describes the first meeting in 2006

7.15 – Jan describes how his Mum thought Greg was arrogant

8.30 – Greg and Jan discuss the Beijing Olympics in 2008

10.20 – Jan describes his mindset during the run the Olympics

17.20 – Expectations at the Olympics – “The winner takes it all” – “This is my one-shot”

20.20 – The disappointment of 2010 World Triathlon Series Grand Final – “Very little enjoyment in the process” – “After the Olympics, my fire wasn’t there” - “It’s impossible to go on this journey of you’re not burning for it, not passionate about it if you’re not loving it” – "I paid the price"

23.10 – Greg and Jan share his story of 2010 at Hyvee

25.25 – Jan didn’t see the opportunity of learning from 2010 but grew in 2011 after a nerve injury took him out for 6 months

29.00 – Jan describes his transition to long course racing - “I had a curiosity and a doubt whether I could do an Ironman” – Building his team

31.55 – Greg and Jan describe - stepping out on his own

34.00 – 2014 first year doing the long course - “The self-doubt is what continues to fuel me now, to never feel safe with what I’ve done… it keeps me running like a hamster that keeps running... in an attempt to find new solutions and the best possible way forward”

37.00 – 2015 & 2016 Unbeatable year.

39.00 – The sacrum fracture and the withdrawal of 2018 Ironman but winning the 70.3 Ironman World Title at a second home – Heartbreaking to watch the Ironman

42.15 – Ironman 2016 Jan felt like he was lucky

44.40 – Jan describes the 2016 Ironman racing Sebastian Kienle - “You think, how cool would it be to be in one of those Ironman wars like Mark and Dave… that sound’s great, but then when you’re in one of those you think shit I don’t want to be in one of those”

47.00 – The letter of Intent for Ironman 2019 – Jan’s manager Felix got out a note and started the process after a few drinks the night after watching the 2018 Ironman… but his coach Dan Lorang was hesitant which fueled Jan even more

50.30 – Jan describes 2019 Ironman the greatest race of his life – “appreciating the moment” – being present

54.00 – Leaving a mark on the bike with 30km to go - “it was the commitment and the fun of being able to commit, that was the greatest thing” – it was freeing

57.10 – Thoughts on Alistair Brownlee in Ironman Kona

59.00 – It wasn’t about course records – focusing on the process - “Someone yelled all you have to do is run a 2.45 for the record, and I thought I haven’t run that fast before in Kona and I’ve never lead off the bike on my own there either”

1.03.15 – Jan describes if he can run faster in Kona

1.04.30 – Rivals – Javier Gomez is Jan’s favorite - Alistair has raised the level

1.08.30 – Greatest of all time

1.09.30 – Winding the clock back and looking at the career - “I was always a big dreamer and I always thought why not and there is a chance”

1.11.30 – Jan reads a quote from - The Hungarian water polo player Tibor Benedek (“the best left-hand player in the world”, with three Olympic titles, who won both a European Championship and World Championship as a player who recently passed away. Tibor describes himself in the following way – “I never had a particularly good ball sense, I never played football, basketball well, I didn’t throw particularly long shots with the ball, and I throw even shorter today. I’m not particularly strong or smart, I don’t swim too well, and my water level in completely average”. When he summed up the reason for his success, he would say: “I always wanted it better. That’s my talent!”.

1.14.15 – Jan describes his Team – kids, Emma Frodeno (Olympic and World Champion), Felix his manager, Albert his physio, Nick Kastelein his training partner. Dan Lorang his coach since 2012 a purely online relationship.

1.19.00 – The greatest performance of Jan’s career was the 2019 Kona Ironman winning performance. A race that stands out was his 2010 Hamburg WTS race against Javier Gomez

1.21.15 – Jan describes 2020/2021 – finding consistency

1.25.15 – The indoor Ironman – for charity

1.29.20 – Jan says why he loves Girona – a great sporting playground



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