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Jessie Diggins - Olympic Gold Medallist - Cross Country Skiier

Jessie Diggins - Olympic Gold Medallist - Cross Country Skiier

Episode 175: Jessie Diggins - Olympic Gold Medallist - Cross Country Skiier

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by Jessie Diggins, one of the world's all-time greatest cross-country skiers.

Jessie has consistently shown that pushing through one moment longer can lead to greatness, breaking barriers, and making history in her sport. Hailing from Minnesota, she has inspired a generation of athletes and advocated for important causes like mental health and environmental conservation.

Jessie Diggins was raised in Afton, Minnesota, and became a professional skier at the age of nineteen. A two-time Olympian and four-time World Championship medalist, she is the most decorated U.S. cross-country athlete in World Championship history. She and teammate Kikkan Randall became the first Olympic Gold medalists in U.S. cross country history in the 2018 PyeongChang team sprint. She resides at least part time in Stratton, Vermont, where she is a member of the Stratton Mountain School T2 elite team.

Her must-read book, "Brave Enough" details her incredible journey, sharing not only her athletic accomplishments but also her personal struggles with bulimia, giving readers a glimpse into the resilience and strength it took for her to endure and reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Most recently, she won the World Championships in Slovenia, becoming the first-ever American to win an individual World Championship gold in cross-country skiing – yet another testament to her enduring spirit.

Press play and listen to why Jessie Diggins epitomises the mantra "Success comes to those who endure One Moment Longer"


7:02 - Spending most of the year away from loved ones and friends, Jessie explains how she manages life away from home.

10:42 - After recently winning an individual gold emdal at the world championships, Jessie describes how she is feeling and how hard it is to put off the urge to focus on the next event.

Just breathe and enjoy this ...

21:35 - Jessie Diggins is available on the AnyQuestion platform with over 140 answers to watch and learn from.

23:43 - Jessie and Greg recap her journey from a backpack with a packet of raisins as a toddler while her parents skiied, to moonlighting as a dancer, soccer player, violinist, swimmer and track runner as a high school athlete, I finally settled on cross country skiing as a full-time passion.

When your passion collides with your purpose, then wow!

28:25 - Greg and Jessie discuss the topic of 'embracing the suffering' and where she feels these characteristics in professional athletes are born.

I wanna beat 'me' from 5 minutes ago ...

35:58 - One of the most memorable and emotional moments for Jessie was winning the team sprint back in 2018. Greg references this video of Jessie and Kikkan Randall during the women's team sprint competitions held at the Alpensia Cross-Country Centre on 21 February 2018.

I race because I love the sport

53:11 - "Jessie Diggins was a world-class athlete long before she became an Olympic gold medalist. In Brave Enough, she shows world-class courage by sharing the truth about her eating disorder, her therapy, and the multitude of challenges, doubts, fears, and assorted bogeymen that are so often an untold part of the journey to greatness. She deserves another gold medal for her honesty and her inspiration" - Wayne Coffey, New York Times bestselling author.

1:01:46 - Jessie Diggins revealed in 2019 that she struggled with bulimia as a teenager, detailing her journey in her book, Brave Enough, which was released in March of 2020.

“When I was 18 and I had an eating disorder, I needed to know that it wasn’t my fault and that getting help was a brave thing to do,”

Jessie describes how she received an outpouring of support and became “a better role model” after the revelation, and partnered with the Emily Program, an organisation that provides treatment for eating disorders.

She now uses her platform to bring awareness to climate change issues and encourage more young girls to get active in sport.

1:07:03 - What advice would Jessie Diggins give to her 18-year-old self?

1:09:11 - Which three people (non-family, living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?

1:09:48 - Where does Jessie Diggins see herself in 5 years?

1:10:46 - What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Whether you think you can ... or think you can't ... either way, you're right!

1:11:07 - Jessie & Greg wrap this episode with some rapid fire questions (and answers)

  1. One book you would recommend?

  2. Two most-used apps on your phone?

  3. Toughest race of his career so far?

  4. Out of 10, how cool is Jessie Diggins?

  5. Who would you want to play a movie of your life?

  6. Which decade of music is the best?

  7. Which race has been your favourite?

  8. Where in the world is somewhere you want to go but havent yet?

  9. What is the greatest movie of all time?

1:15:34 - Interview concludes.


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book: Brave Enough by Jessie Diggins

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