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Joel Filliol - Olympic medalist and five-time World Champion Coach

Joel Filliol - Olympic medalist and five-time World Champion Coach

Episode 24: Joel Filliol - Olympic medalist and five-time World Champion Coach

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Olympic medalist, Commonwealth medalist, and five-time Triathlon World Champion Coach Joel Filliol.

Together Greg and Joel discuss how Joel became involved in the world of Triathlon. Joel describes his journey from athlete to assistant coach to Worlds best.

Joel describes how he's developed his coaching technique via learning from the athletes he's worked with. All the various athletes have given him enormous feedback.

Joel's coaching philosophy is "What is the minimal effective dose an athlete can do to achieve the desired outcome?". He describes the importance of finding a training program that allows the athletes to be consistent, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... ideally not needing any days off. If you need a day off then the program was too much. If you're taking a day off and you don't need the day off, then it's a wasted day. Finding the right balance for each athlete is an art as much as a science.

The team culture that Joel has created in his squad is in part due to the great personalities of his athletes and in part, due to the type of training, he gives his athletes. They focus all year long on aerobic conditioning and only touch on speed/ specific race work for small portions of the year.

Joel describes the weekly routine of his squad. They focus on two key swims, two key bikes, and two key runs each week. The long-run is usually combined with some intervals on a Saturday. On average the squad train between 20-25hrs per week. Joel suggests that this amount is not on the small side or the big side of training volume that various athletes do, but somewhere int he middle.

Although Joel has experimented with lab testing and using loads of data he doesn't do any of this with his current squad.



6.00 - On the road, most of the year – traveling for family

8.30 - Working with the athletes during Corona – each of them individually

11.00 - Managing the emotions of the individual athletes

13.15 – The positive of now is that the athlete can appreciate having the sense of purpose

15.00 – The waiting and the unknowing is un-easing

16.00 – reflective on the incredible year of 2019

19.00 – Team Culture

28.00 – Finding a passion for endurance sports

30.00 – Starting as an assistant coach in Victoria, Canada in 2000

32.00 – Biggest influences for coaching style – Relationships and learning for the athletes – adding value to each other

34.30 – The training has changed over time – each athlete offers a unique layer of learning

36.45 – Working with big personalities that were already stars in the sport - “High Performing people are not always easy to work with” – “I’m not someone who needs to be the center of attention”

42.20 – The Team of the #JFCrew – private squad – Physiotherapist (Jose Minolta “Pepe”), Assistant coach (Drew Box), Plus the Italian Federation – bringing the best of the world to the Italians and the Italians provide great stability and support for the squad

48.30 – Training philosophies – The series is the priority - “minimal effective dose of training” – specific work phase is getting shorter and shorter – aerobic/ basic work is getting longer – 25-30hrs a week – “we don’t take a lot of planned breaks we keep a sustainable program going with less days off”

59.30 – Staying confident even with the social media world showing how much other athletes are doing

1.01.45 – “Don’t fire your bullets in training”

1.06.10 – What a week looks like? Tuesday and Thursday key run days (an increase over time), Cycling two main workouts (an increase over time), Swim also two main workouts a week (an increase over time). Swim 6 days a week (25-30k), Bike (8-16hrs), Run (50-110k) – middle of the road into terms of volume. Saturday run gets up to 2hrs but usually a session within that. Plenty of double runs. “What’s sustainable, what’s the minimal dose”

1.13.00 – Tapering – keep the same plan most weeks – keep it predictable

1.17.00 – “We do no data or testing” – Sports science – how does it work in practice

1.23.00 – Endurance sport is Simple

1.24.30 – The Mental Strategies of various athletes

1.29.50 – Working with an athlete on Nutrition

1.34.40 – Business is focused on Olympic focused athletes

1.35.00 – Gear recommendations – power meters, wearables

1.36.30 – Smart Trainers – the efficiency

1.38.30 – Training locations - Canary Island sports resorts, Mallorca-Spain (Viva Blue Hotels), Girona-Spain, St. Moritz-Switzerland, Livigno-Italy, Flagstaff-Arizona



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