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Jonny Brownlee - Multiple Triathlon Olympic Medalist, Multiple Triathlon World Champion

Jonny Brownlee - Multiple Triathlon Olympic Medalist, Multiple Triathlon World Champion

Episode 42: Jonny Brownlee - Multiple Triathlon Olympic Medalist, Multiple Triathlon World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Multiple Triathlon Olympic Medalist, Multiple Triathlon World Champion, Jonny Brownlee.

Jonny Brownlee is one of the greatest triathletes of all time. His resume is truly remarkable - Olympic bronze medalist at his home Olympics in London, 2012 then Olympic silver medalist in Rio, 2016… combine that with his 2012 World Championship title, 2010 and 2011 Sprint World Titles and three World Championship silver medals and Commonwealth Games silver medal, and his consistent podiums for over a decade. Truly makes him one of the greatest!

What makes this man’s story even more compelling is that he’s shared his process and his journey with his older brother. Never before have we seen two brothers work together and dominant world sport.

Jonny shares his journey to the top of the world and how his brother Alistair has been such an integral part of his journey.

Jonny discusses the importance of family and his home life. He loves nothing more than a Sunday dinner with his family.

He talks about his preparation for heat races and what he learned from his collapse at the 2016 Cozumel Grand Final.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.35 - Sponsors

6.15 - Start to show – Introduction

7.05 - General chit-chat

7.50 - Racing against each other - Starting WTS series in 2010

8.50 - Gomez and Alistair Brownlee changed the landscape and Jonny followed on

9.00 - Jonny started Triathlon when he was 8 years old - Watching his brother get his first Great British kit and watching Alistair watching the Olympics in 2008 - He couldn't believe that his brother was leading the Olympics

11..30 - Winding the clock back - Jonny's Mum was a swimmer and her granddad was a swim coach so Jonny started swimming at a young age - Jonny's Dad use to run and there school had a history of running - Jonny would bike to school and back 45mins each way - "My parents taught us to try hard at things and you can achieve anything, so long as you try hard" - "They also taught us to love being outside" - Jonny's Uncle was a Triathlete - One by one all the other sports fell away - At 14 Jonny committed to endurance sport

16.20 - Suffering "There are different types of suffering - there's the suffering when you're hurting the least and the suffering when you have to get reps" - "I really enjoy the challenge of achieving something, I have to achieve something every day" - "I enjoy waking up in the morning, setting a plan and then achieving it, whether that's training, tidying the garage or cleaning the kitchen" - "That's what I love about Triathlon, I love the setting a goal and achieving it"

18.20 - "Athletes are all somewhat obsessive-compulsive" - "If you want something you have to earn it and then you can achieve something"

19.10 - Managing anxiety - When you get injuries it's tough - "When I've been injured, I try to be the best at managing that injury" - "My proudest achievement of my career is from Aug 2010 to May 2014 I was never off the podium, whether that be Olympic Games, World Triathlon Series races, French Grand Prix, World Cups, Local British races, it got to about 45 podiums in a row"

22.20 - Never let up in a race - "Swim as hard as you can, drill the bike and then run as hard as you can" - "I always felt most satisfied in a race where we swam, biked and ran really hard" - My proudest single-day performance was WTS Gold Coast in 2015 where I was an all-round Triathlete" - "I always wanted to be a Triathlete that could be in control of the race"

26.00 - London Olympics - "We were fortunate to have a home Olympics" - 2010 I came second at the WTS London race and thought maybe I could make the Olympics - to qualify the British had to podium at WTS London and podium at the Grand Final in Beijing in 2011. "It's good to have tough qualifying, then the best team go" - Jonney came 3rd at both and qualified early.

30.00 - The 2011 trials in London were the perfect preparation for the London Olympics in 2012. "the home Olympics ramped up the pressure 1000 times more!" - "We were trying to keep things normal" - "I didn't miss a period of training" - "We had our opening ceremony at home, put on our uniforms and ate fish and chips" - "We caught the train down three days before" - "Helen's race that day was incredible" - "We did a really good job of getting really really fit and then keeping everything as normal as possible" - "I think Helen Jenkins performance at the Olympics was one of the performances of the Olympics"

34.15 - The race itself at London Olympics - "We did everything the same as we'd done the year before" - "We had to get to the start around the back of the course, and there was no one around - I thought, I hope people turn up to watch, I told them it would be a good race" - The British army gave the British team help through security - "Special home course advantage" - "Alistair and myself went onto the bike course to warm up. We rode 10m onto the course and the crowd went crazy - and that's when I thought, this day is going to be incredible" - The crowd was 15 deep, people in trees - "I thought, this is going to be the best day I'll ever compete in Triathlon" - "My mindset changed - I thought right, I'm going to do everything I possibly can to enjoy this day" - "Because if I don't enjoy this day I'm going to look back and go "why didn't I enjoy it, it was the best Triathlon in the world" - The race itself - "I started next to Alistair and said before the start ' let's not mess this up'". - "The swim was one of the hardest swims I've ever done" - "The Bike, I thought we were going pretty hard" - "I came past the penalty board and saw a number on the board and I thought owe Alistair what have you done?" - It was Jonny's penalty - "I've never got a penalty before or since" - "It simplified it, I now just had to run really hard" - "The crowd was so loud I could talk to Alistair except for one very small section on a bridge" - "It was the fastest run ever in the sport, we went through 5km in 14.10" - "I remember thinking this is really fast" - "I took my 15-second penalty and managed to still hold 3rd" -

40.00 - "I think it was a very fair podium" - "I'm not sure if it was youth or the fact I could say all the pressure is on Alistair to win"

44.00 - The shadow of Alistair - "I've never had any jealousy of Alistair" - "I copied Alistair and gained confidence by having with him" - "It was more growing up it was like Alistair has already done that, but not once we were grown-up" - "Some days you get beaten by a better person, you got to hold your hand up and say fair play, shake there hand and say you were better than me on that day" - "I have no resentment to Alistair whatsoever"

47.00 - Beating Alistair - "It feels amazing to beat him, but he also has an excuse" - "I've not had my best races when Alistair has been in the race

48.00 - Jonny raced Greg in the Sprint championships in 2010 - Jonny won and Greg was 25th

50.00 - Training with Alistair - "we train together 90% of the time" - "Like Alistair, I like high volume training" - "Our philosophy is, you try and get as many hours in as you can, so long as you protect the key workouts - Tues morning swim, Tuesday evening runs, Thursday bike, and Saturday morning run sessions - around those, you get as many hours as you can" - "It's been really nice to get back together again"

52.00 - Injuries - "I think it's been a little bit of overdoing it" - "My stress fracture, I was too fit too lean for too long" - "The hard sessions you should hold a little bit back and the easy sessions have to be done very very easy"

53.40 - Team and Relationships - Swim coach "Coz", Mark Buckingham, Gordon Benson, and Alistair are training partners, train with local bikers - MTBer Pitcock (just won the U23 World NTB Championships), Jonny runs with a local run group, Ian Mitchell is his coach, Malcolm Brown is his former coach who retired. I have my strength coach and physio at home "I try to spend as much time at home as possible" - We travel with our team as well.

56.45 - Family - "My parents are still very involved" - Sunday night dinners are very important to Jonny

1.00.00 - Heat issues - 2016 Cozumel World Champion Grand final - Jonny came 2nd at Rio Olympics - Jonny could win the World Title - If Jonny won, Mario Mola needed to finish 3rd "I remember with about 1km to go my legs feel a little bit wobbly, I don't remember much after that" - The finished video went viral as Alistair carried Jonny across the line - Jonny turned his phone on and it crashed because of the number of twitters from around the world - JK Rowling, Gordan Ramsey to name a few - "I got invited to many shows in the USA and the UK- I just wanted to keep my head down" - "Alistair was amazing, it was good for the sport but my competitive side was incredibly disappointed" - "I was embarrassed" - The debate carried on for a while

1.07.00 - What have you learned from these issues for preparing for Tokyo? "I can push really hard" - "I have to be prepared" - "I need to prepare in the heat" - Jonny has built a heat chamber - "I need to race smarter and avoid peak surges" - "I burn sugar fast in the heat" - Jonny worked with the British army to make sure there was no long term damage

1.10.50 - Qualifying for Tokyo - Preparing for heat is key - "Triathlon is being the fittest you can get" - Altitude "we might have to do altitude earlier" - "I got to be in the environment"

1.14.50 - Conclude - Racing now - racing Daytona (Need a wildcard)


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