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Kristian Blummenfelt - Olympic Triathlete

Kristian Blummenfelt - Olympic Triathlete

Episode Name: Kristian Blummenfelt - Olympic Triathlete

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Kristian Blummenfelt. Kristian is a Norwegian Triathlete and leads the way of the next outstanding generation of professional Triathletes.

He’s an aggressive racer on the bike and run. He loves to train hard and race even harder. When he’s on the start line, his competitors know it will be flat out for the entire race. He’s been a consistent podium and top 5 finishers, but the wind is changing and we will see his winning percentage rate increase over the next few years. He’s cemented himself as one of the strong medal favorites for the Tokyo Olympics… whenever they take place. His most recent results include: Winning the 2019 Grand Final for the World Triathlon series in Lausanne, Switzerland running away from the very best including, Mola, Luis, Gomez, and Johnny Brownlee. He holds the world best time for the 70.3 distance with a 3.25.21 at Bahrain 70.3 in 2019.

Together Greg and Kristian discuss how Kristian got in the sport and how he's been able to optimize his natural talent with lab testing that has helped his training and racing to become more specific.


Intro – Greg introduces Kristian Blummenfelt

(3:18) – Kristian explains his training location changes due to Corona and how he is still able to train

(5:07) – Greg explains why he’s a fan of Kristian

(6:30) – Greg and Kristian discuss 2019 – Not a consistent year due to leg injury after travel and then crashes on the bike – Finally hits a solid race with Lausanne WTS Grand Final

(13:15) – Kristian explains why Lausanne WTS Grand Final was perfect

(15:20) – Travel, what happened to legs on travel before Dubai – Greg explains 15% of income to travel – Travel with support staff

(20:08) – Triple Crown – the 1 million dollars

(21:10) – Kristian explains how he got into endurance sports, specifically Triathlon, and how the Norwegian National team got started

(26:30) – Trying to qualify for National Federation teams – crazy tests

(29:00) – Kristian explains how he learned he had some talent strengths in the sport

(33:00) – Kristian explains when he decided to go all-in

(35:10) – Teammates – Kristian’s teammates Gustav Iden and Casper Stormes – Greg discusses the training squads in Australia

(37:30) – Relationships and Team

(40:00) – Lab testing

(48:25) – Sleep and Recovery – measuring the quality of sleep - Kristian is using to measure his sleep

(52:50) – Nutrition

(56:20) – Physical Training

(1:02:10) – Bermuda WTS, Norway went 1,2,3

(1:06:05) – Norwegian female Triathletes and the Olympic team relay

(1:09:20) – Altitude training camps and the effects

(1:16:20) – Mental approach – Visualizing

(1:19:00) – Lausanne WTS Grand Final tactics

(1:24:30) – Gear recommendations – sponsors – Red Bull, Specialized, Oakley, Trimtax

(1:25:35) – Training camp recommendations – maybe not Bergen it rains 2/3rds of the year, Sierra Nevada Spain, Phuket Thailand, Portugal, Boulder USA, Victoria Canada

(1:27:45) – Follow Kristian – Instagram @KristianBlu all sessions on Strava at Kristian Blummenfelt

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