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Kristian Blummenfelt returns to the show as the Tokyo Olympic Gold medalist

Kristian Blummenfelt returns to the show as the Tokyo Olympic Gold medalist

Episode 84: Kristian Blummenfelt returns to the show as the Tokyo Olympic Gold medalist

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Kristian Blummenfelt was last on the show in episode 14. I said in that episode, that I believe the next generation of Triathletes is here. And I don’t mean to brag, I simply have been so impressed with his preparation and build over the last 10 years... I said in the episode, that I believed he would win the Gold medal in Tokyo.

Since that episode, I’ve had his coach Arild Tveiten episode 69 and his training partner Gustav Iden episode 52 on the show. Between all of them, I listened to what they were doing for preparation for these Games and I was left without a doubt, that they would be ready.

In this episode, Kristian breaks down the race, from the false start all the way through to his incredible surge to victory with just over a kilometer left in the run. He describes his preparation and his mindset going into the Games, and what that medal means to him.

We conclude by discussing what's next. It blew my mind what he has planned.

What a thrill this was to talk to the Olympic Champion 4 days post his race.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4.20 - Introduction to Kristian Blummenfelt

5.15 - General chit-chat - Kristian has arrived back in Bergen, Norway. And tired from travel. Greg and Kristian talk about Greg's interview with all the Olympic Champions.

8.20 - The Race - The false start - Kristian was aware of the boat and figured it would be a false start - The starting positions all started to the right - Kristian chose to start next to Hayden Wilden and the other runners

10.00 - Kristian describes the race - from the swim through the bike -

13.20 - Who were the helpers on the bike - Jake Birtwhislte, Gustav Iden were sharing the work - They caught the front group by 20km - Matt Sharpe from Canada was managing the bike for Tyler - Kristian had to play his cards right on the run

16.05 - Pre-race Kristian decided to not overdo the bike - the focus was always the run

17.30 - The fight for T2 was not a big fight

19.00 - The Run - It was 10-12 guys running together fighting for position - Kristian had to keep closing gaps - Alex Yee dictated the pace - Connix and Studer took some short turns at the front

22.00 - The acceleration to the finish - Kristian surged with 3km to go and opened a gap to Jonny and then there were 3 athletes left - At 1500m Kristian gave a surge and by 1km went for the race of his life - he had visualized the finish for years... and even before the race he just stood and looked at the beautiful finish

27.15 - At the last, the last aid station - 800m to go, Kristian, realized he had it

29.00 - How to cross the line? "It was instinct"

30.00 - The pain was incredible but the adrenaline kicked in - the pain was only felt once he crossed the line

32.10 - Sharing the win with teammates with Gustav 8th, Casper 11, and Arild and Ulov - the pressure was on all the team - Brotherhood camaraderie - mutual respect - A common goal for all of them - They've helped each other in training and they share each other's data from the lab

36.00 - Running a 29.34 to win - Kristian explains the effort

37.00 - The reaction in Norway? It's been remarkable - Norway is starting to show strength in these games

38.45 - The preparation - The final couple of months leading into the Games - Winning the first of 5 races, then 7th in Italy, In Leeds WTS Kristian had hamstring issues - "maybe it was the new carbon shoes, maybe a cycling problem" - Kristian adjusted his bike position - The altitude training had Kristian believing he was in great shape - The bike position adjustment - The Giant trinity bike (Time trial bike) made Kristian aware that his road bike could be adjusted -

45.30 - Specific workouts for the Games - Swim 2 x (15x100 at race pace), Bike focussed on accelerations with the 90 corners on the bike, The Run - Threshold sessions 2km reps with 3.07 pace with lactate at 2 or downwards - Kristian was balancing some foot pain - 3-4 weeks left and hoping the foot would be ok

51.40 - Headspace - Kristian describes how he felt confident in the swim, bike, and run and the heat.

53.30 - Advice from coach, The team joked "If we don't win Gold, it's five years wasted"

54.00 - Where is the medal now? "Down in the basement"

55.30 - What's next? Frankfurt Ironman in 2 weeks to qualify for Kona. The sub 7 Ironman is next year. Collins Cup is not on the calendar - But the WTS Grand Final

58.30 - Conclude


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