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Leighton Phillips - SFuels Founder

Leighton Phillips - SFuels Founder

Episode 169: Leighton Phillips - SFuels Founder

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by Leighton Phillips - founder of the world-leading, Low-Carb, High Fat nutrition company that supports endurance performance, SFuels. Leighton comes from a long history of healthcare professionals in his family, and he himself studied naturopathic medicine and computer science, and he has an entrepreneurial mindset.

While training for Triathlon and Ultra endurance events, he found that the market for fueling drinks and bars was full of sugar, syrup, and refined grains. With his nutrition training and ultra-endurance racing experience - he knew he could create something better. So after many years of product development, SFuels was born.

SFuels was developed with sports physiologist and world-renowned coach Dr. Dan Plews, Ultramarathon world record holder Zach Bitter, Olympic Triathlon medalist Hayden Wilde and many other world class endurance experts.


2:33 - Greg and Leighton rewind the clock and Leighton explains his early interests and achievements in sport and then onto sport science.

Avoid Bonking - Finish Stronger - Reduce Gut Stress

10:00 - After finding a love for sport as a young man, Leighton combined his love for nutrition & natural medicine, his tech skills and knowledge, and mixed it with his entreprenurial mindset to develop his first business in Hong Kong. He tested his first prototype products on himself in 2016 with the aim for helping with inflammation (rather than low-carb)

13:35 - Sports Scientist & IRONMAN® Kona Age Group Record Holder & World Class Coach Dr. Dan Plews got involved with Leighton and they went through 17 iterations of their first nutrition training sports nutrition bar.

... the market for training drinks and bars was full of sugar, syrup and refined grains

21:56 - Greg & Leighton discuss some of the highs and lows Leighton has had in the process of starting and building SFuels.

The joy is in the journey ...

25:09 - Leighton is an Ultra-Marathon runner and discusses the various races he has competed in and the challenges of each race. It's one thing for a product to feel good taste good while youre sitting on a couch ... but when youre 6 hours into a ride run, how that thing tastes and it's texture can be quite different, so testing product in those duress situations has been an added bonus for Leighton and his scientific team.

28:30 - Leighton explains how they came up with the company name SFuels.

33:29 - When Zach Bitter decided to set the record for a sub 7 minute/mile over 100 miles during COVID lockdowns, Leighton saw it as an opportunity to run the event on social media and get the SFuels name out to the world. 30,000 people watched Zach live running on treadmill.

37:46 - Leighton describes how they were measuring and what improvements they saw in pro athletes and their Fat & Carbohydrate oxidation. The improvements saw athletes improve from 165 watts on the bike ... to 300 watts on the bike.

Fat Oxidation x3 improvement - Power x2 improvement

41:22 - Leighton explains the meaning behind the SFuels slogan - Right Fuel - Right Time

45:01 - Not a high performance athlete? Leighton and SFuels definitely have product plans for the day-to-day nutrition customers. Greg & Leighton explain the product range and how you can tap into the benefits.

47:15 - Mitigate Gut Distress. Lower Inflammation Through efficient oxidation of fat for fuel, athletes do NOT need to over-consume sugar in races, mitigating Gut/GI distress and lowering inflammation.

Gut repair and recovery

51:53 - The science is still catching up to understand the role of nutrients and how it affects heart rate variability. Taking nutrients to help breakthrough the reserach and help in training and race performance is achievable and very real right now.

Sport and application is way ahead of the research

Books mentioned:

1:01:37 - Interview concludes.


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