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Lucy Charles-Barclay - (part 2) 🏆Ironman 70.3 WORLD CHAMPION 2021

Lucy Charles-Barclay - (part 2) 🏆Ironman 70.3 WORLD CHAMPION, 🥇Ironman 70.3 European Champion 2021

Episode 100: Lucy Charles-Barclay (part 2) - Red Bull Athlete - Pro Triathlete - Part time Mermaid

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Welcome to The Greg Bennett show, an AnyQuestion podcast hosted by Former Professional Olympic and World Champion Athlete Greg Bennett.

Greg chats with the world's greatest athletes and high performers to find out how they got to the top of the world and how they are able to sustain it.

This week’s episode continues the discussion with 70.3 World Triathlon Champion, Lucy Charles-Barclay.

Lucy is the current number 1 ranked Triathlete in the world, and the 2021 Ironman 70.3 World Champion.

Lucy is consistently on the podium in any race, any distance and format. Winning ironman’s and 70.3 Ironman’s all around the world, and finishing 2nd three times at the Ironman Kona World championships.


02:58 - Greg starts this episode with some fun rapid-fire questions.

  1. What’s something new happening in your life right now?

  2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

  3. First car you owned.

  4. How many episodes of the Greg Bennett Show have you listened to?

  5. Two most used apps on your phone?

  6. Favorite dinner you could prepare? Three non-family members you would invite to this dinner?

  7. What is your last Google search?

  8. What time of day are you most productive?

  9. First job?

  10. Pick one - Mixed relay, sprint distance, Olympic distance draft or non-draft, 70.3?

  11. Olympic Gold or win Kona?

  12. Which decade of music is the best?

  13. If you could be transformed into one animal, which one would you choose?

08:56 - How is Dan Lorang’s training different than what you’ve done in the past?

13:54 - Lucy explains the relationship she has with her husband Reece, who has also been her coach, mentor, and biggest supporter.

24:47 - How does your Strength training schedule look from week to week?

27:28 - What is one tip you have for people on how to optimize their lives?

28:08 - If you could sit and have a coffee with any living person, who would it be and why?

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