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Mark Allen - Six time Ironman World Champion

Mark Allen - Six time Ironman World Champion

Episode Name: Mark Allen

On this episode of BE with Champions, host Greg Bennett interviews Mark Allen, American Triathlete and six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. Mark was also voted “one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time” according to ESPN, and was named “Triathlete of the Year”. Throughout Mark's career, his purpose in racing has gone beyond winning the next race and has become a template for overcoming all of life’s obstacles.

In the 80s, Mark Allen was one of the "Big four", Mark discusses how he empowered and inspired the world through his career. Mark talks about his life-changing race against another legend triathlete, Dave Scott, in 1989 "The Ironwar". Mark says it has taken him years to understand the psychological and physical elements that went into winning that race. He believes people can relate to the challenges from the race, not only as athletes but through everyday life as well.

Mark talks about where he gained his passion for endurance sports. Mark was a swimmer in college, but not until he saw the Ironman on television was he inspired to compete with a desire to win. While competing in his first Ironman, he was tied with Ironman winner David Scott for the majority of the race. This was when he realized he had a talent for triathlons.

Mark had an incredible group of people that helped build his career. He talks about the details of his relationships and how they developed him physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the face of difficulties, he learned how to compete with passion and energy with the help of his friends.

Through Mark's training, the power and control of the mind became a necessary tool to set himself above the competition. He believes the mastery of the mind is essential to stay calm in all circumstances. Mark shares a story from his significant race in 1989 when he was tied with David Scott. Nearing the end of the race, he listened to his well-trained mind and took a risk to win the race. Mark also shares the most incredible race of his career in 1995. In this Ironman race, he said there were many moments where he wanted to quit, but he didn’t give up. Still today, he thinks back to that race to push through the difficult moments in his life.

To conclude, Mark is now a coach and he talks about his joys of working with other athletes today. He enjoys the process of coaching athletes through any mental, physical, and emotional challenges they are facing.

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