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Mark Webber - Formula 1 driver Champion World Endurance Car World Champion

Updated: May 18, 2020

Mark Webber - Formula 1 driver Champion, World Endurance Car World Champion

Episode 20: Mark Webber - Formula 1 driver Champion, World Endurance Car World Champion

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with a good friend and motorsport legend Mark Webber. Mark is an ex-Formula 1 driver with 12 seasons in the billion-dollar industry. After retiring from Formula 1 Mark continued racing in sports cars for Porsche in the World Endurance Car Championships where he won the world championship in 2015.

Together Greg and Mark discuss how Mark became involved in the world of Motor Sport. Mark describes how he started out in Motorsport in Queanbeyan, NSW, and made his way to Europe at 18 years old to take on the best in the world.

After 130 races Mark had his first victory at the German GP. He went on to win 9 Grand Prix including two wins in Monaco, Silverstone, and Brazil a piece.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing. Greg and Mark describe their enormous crashes and how they impacted them physically and mentally.

Mark describes how he transitioned with incredible effort but made it look seamless from driving to ambassador and TV pundit.

For links to follow Mark and or check out his apparel company and his book 'Aussie Grit' see below the timestamps.

Time Stamps


2:50 – The effects of COVID19

7.30 – Taking a break from everything – 70-80 flights a year

8.30 – Transitioning to tv pundit from racing and to ambassador for Porsche, Red Bull, Rolex

10.30 – Transitioning “Glide scope” “average is easy, that’s why its popular” (Special forces mates. Influenced by Jackie Stewart. Stay on the horse and push really hard. Lucky to have loyalty. Its work and you have to give value

14.00 – What Mark misses about Racing – the family spirit and the hunger and drive on a mission.

17.00 – Retirement age in sport

19.45 – Longevity/ adaptability “You can’t be a one-trick pony” - Federer and Nadal – Tennis as a game

23.30 – Crashes and injuries, Mountain Bike and cars - “I didn’t scratch cars I destroyed them!” – Understanding why an accident happened is critical for moving forward

“You’re selfish, you’re driven, you’re hungry and the knocks are a part of the profession”

29.20 – Trust in the team and the car

34.40 – The Formula 1 - the first win – relief, joy – the German GP

38.00 – Developing confidence and a winning attitude

40.15 – Owning the wins

41.20 – midroll

41.45 – Winning Monaco & British, Brazil Grand Prix, winning what you can win

48.30 – Finding a passion for motor racing and recognizing talents - Living in outdoors – motorbikes

51.45 – I’m going all-in - moving to Europe at 18 – “No plan B”

55.40 – Relationships and Team – Tight-knit group – Parents, wife Anne, David Campese, Paul Stoddard

1.00.00 – Wife Anne – the team

1.00.20 – Sleep and Recovery – Jetlag planning and blocking hotels for the entire year – Cool, dark – keep the bladder empty before bed

1.04.00 – Nutrition – Pathology - Drove an F1 car approx. 1000 days and missed 3 drives

1.08.10 – Dealing with weight - “every kg that wasn’t on me they could put the ballast on the car”

1.09.40 – Physical training – specificity - dealing with G-forces “Driving an F1 car is like having a mini car crash every corner”

1.16.45 – Mental Strategies – Imagery - “What does the ideal lap look like, what does the ideal feel of the car feel like?” – Being present

1.23.50 – Finding the state of flow – being in the zone

1.25.05 – The mental approach - Getting back into the car right away after a crash

1.26.30 – Marks book – ‘Aussie Grit’

1.27.20 – Aussie Grit apparel – the best mountain bike gear around – and running gear



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