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Matt Dixon - World-class Triathlon Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Purple Patch coaching

Updated: May 3, 2021

Matt Dixon - World-class Triathlon Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Purple Patch coaching

Episode 63: Matt Dixon - World-class Triathlon Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Purple Patch coaching

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has an insightful conversation with one of the world's greatest endurance coaches, Matt Dixon.

Matt Dixon is a world-class triathlon coach, and an exercise physiologist, former professional triathlete, and elite swimmer. Under his guidance, Purple Patch coached athletes have recorded over 350 professional IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 victories and podiums, including multiple world championships. He is the author of The Well-Built Triathlete and Fast-Track Triathlete, an IRONMAN U master coach, and a corporate speaker to major companies on performance and leadership. And he hosts the incredibly popular purple patch podcast. It was wonderful to have him on the show as we share many of the same philosophies around high-performance sport and life. In this episode, Matt shares his journey as an athlete and the key lessons he learned during that time to become the great coach he is. Matt describes how he takes a holistic view of an individual when working with them. Understanding their work and family life, what stressors do they have. He focuses heavily on what he describes as the four pillars of performance - Endurance, Functional Strength, Nutrition &Fueling, and Recovery. He discusses how to use data from wearables and why some people will be more comfortable with more data than others. And why fueling immediately after working out with protein and carbohydrates is so important. There are so many great takeaways in this one. Enjoy!

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.57 - Sponsors

6.05 - Start to show – Introduction

6.50 - General chit-chat - First-time meeting - a number of guests have mentioned Matt Dixon

8.45 - rewind the clock - finding a passion for endurance sport - two older brothers - parents as swim teaches - qualifying for Olympic trials - Choosing between study in the UK and USA - he chose the States - University of Cincinnati - exercise physiology - swimming - masters at Uni South Carolina - NCAA program for young athletes - "the journey" - swam 400 IM - Greg shares his journey into Athens

16.30 - Finding triathlon - coaching swimming and did the sport after a bet - and then was addicted to the sport - Solid swimmer and biker but "ran like a donkey dipped in cement, and still do" - Matt describes the last few months of his Dad's life - post losing his Dad Matt was lost - becoming a professional triathlete

20.20 - Competing as a professional in the late 90s, early 00's - middle pack pro - "I wasn't athletically smart enough" - "I drove myself into the ground" - "I had deep fatigue and emotional fatigue for 2 years"

24.00 - What was the Burnout? - the physiology and psychology - undervaluing recovery - "blood markers indicated the testosterone of a 4-year-old boy or an 80-year-old man" - Rebuilding from the whole - Turned bak on the sport - rebuilt with sleep and nutrition - "I had to make a mental decision to not be owned by this" - "As a coach, this was the best thing that could have happened" - "I saw triathletes around me Fit and fatigued"

32.00 - Working with clients - how Matt starts working with athletes - Sam Appleton - OPtimizing performance is the goal and improves - 1. Getting an understanding of an individual's life - how many hours do we get to play with - as a coach Matt then adds the training - 2. Training - The Pillars Endurance training, strength and mobility, nutrition and recovery

37.30 - Advertising

38.20 - Interviewing the executives and their spouses

41.40 - Working with professional Triathletes - Chris Lieto - Rasmus Henning - Luke Bell - Chris Lieto's journey - being "fit and fresh" - reduced training by a 3rd - and Chris ate more - Chris commitment to Matt Dixon

50.30 - Greg's tapering into major races - Greg's fun taking ownership - Greg says, "optimize your life to optimize a performance"

53.00 - Sleep and Data - Understanding how to you Data - Whoop - "very useful so long as it doesn't paralyze the athlete" - a healthy balance of data and metrics - Pasquale Romano CEO Charge point - Matt discusses educating an athlete to understand and take ownership - The wearables can be an additional source of stress - Tim Reed

1.05.20 - Form goggles - 1.07.40

1.05.40 - Sleep Hygiene - Cool, dark and quiet, blue light glasses, take your own pillow - affecting circadian rhythm - an app called Timeshifter - jetlag

1.09.50 - Mental strategies - athlete dependant - "a real journey that takes time to foster and develop" - Jesse Thomas talked little bits all day - Sam Appleton Matt would speak much less - "Ask your body, what are you going to give me" - Marcos Meijis "You're ready"

1.16.50 - Nutrition - Fueling and nutrition - Fueling wrap workouts - Nutrition is all-day - A coke is not good in daily life can be useful at 18 miles into a marathon in an Ironman - post workout fueling is critical - protein following a workout is critical and adding carbohydrates - You prevent athletic starvation - Get your post fueling habit right and your daily nutrition will be better

1.21.40 - Hot Cold therapy - Matt focusses on heat therapy

1.24.00 - One tip to optimize your life? "embrace the journey"

1.24.50 - Who would Matt like to chat with - Stephen Seiler exercise physiologist

1.26.30 - Conclusion


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